Coach Petersen must gear down Washington Football team

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Washington Football head coach Chris Petersen must focus team on formidable Colorado Buffaloes for the Huskies Pac-12 schedule opener

Forget the non-conference games. The Pac-12 season begins for the Washington Football team, and Coach Petersen must gear down the Washington Football team for the week four journey into the Rocky Mountains to face Colorado.  In fact, forget what you know about the Washington Football team. The real season begins now, this weekend,  when the Washington Football team travels to face the Colorado Buffalo.

On one hand, the record setting play of the quarterback is nice. Jake Browning has thrown for a touchdown in each of the past 17 games.  On the other hand, the record setting punt returns are nice as well. Dante Pettis ran punts back for a touchdown in each of the past three weeks. He’s set a Pac-12 record and is close to setting an NCAA record.

Pac-12 football starts now

But the team cannot count on either next week. This will be a very talented, motivated, and comfortable opponent. The Washington Huskies will face the Colorado Buffalo. This is the same Colorado Buffalo opposing the Huskies in the 2016 Pac-12 championship game. That game ended in favor of Washington, 41-10.

Now, Colorado seeks revenge for that lopsided loss.

Well, what’s new? Each team that finds success in NCAA football knows that they will face a motivated opponent the following year. So the Colorado game is just one more “test” for the Huskies. After three games building to this weekend, the Washington Football team is ready.

The journey of three games

Three games prepared the Washington Football team for this moment.  The first contest against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights pitted the Huskies against a motivated opponent on their field.  The second contest against the Montana Grizzlies challenged the Huskies pass defense.  The third contest against the Fresno State Bulldogs pitted the Huskies against a battle tested opponent. Despite the challenge, the Washington Football team emerged victorious.

It was not a journey of individuals. Check the stats, the boxscore. The Washington Huskies won each game as a team. And this team is ready to take the next step.

Dig in and pull

The game this weekend will have plenty of impact in terms of the Pac-12 rankings. But the Huskies cannot think about championships, title games, or even next week. Coach Petersen must find a way to focus this team on the moment, on this one game.

The teams are familiar opponents. Like a tug of rope, there is little in the way of surprising strategies.  This contest will be decided by which team can dig in better, pull stronger, and emerge the winner.

Trench warfare

Last year’s contest was all about the battle of the trenches. You can expect this game to be fought, and won, in the same spot.  The Washington Football team have been tuning up their offense, and revving up their defense. But that was all to prepare for this game. On one hand, this is the game where defensive tackles Gregory Gaines and Vita Vea shine. On the other hand, this is the game where Azeem Victor determines his legacy. As a matter of fact, this is the game where Coleman Shelton and Myles Gaskin make the highlight film.

There is no bigger NCAA football stage this weekend.  This is a game where players stand up and man up.  The Washington Football team has been setting records recently. But the only record that matters this weekend is 4-0. Either Colorado or Washington emerges with that record.

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And that is why Coach Petersen must gear down the Washington Football team. To win this game, the Huskies must “outtough” their opponent.

Thankfully, that is one of the strong suits of a Coach Petersen team.  The Washington Huskies will be ready.