Washington Football offense success centers on Coleman Shelton

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TUCSON, AZ – SEPTEMBER 24: Running back Lavon Coleman

The exchange from a center to quarterback is automatic. But the Washington Football team expects more, and center Coleman Shelton will deliver

If you find a successful running back and quarterback, you don’t have to look far to locate outstanding offensive linemen. One such player stands at the center of the team’s success. His name is Coleman Shelton, and he is one of the reasons for the teams offensive success.

The Washington Football team has a few who will get national press this year.  Offensive tackle Trey Adams is already projected as a first round selection by ESPN’s Mel Kiper for the 2018 NFL Draft.   His teammate, offensive guard Andrew Kirkland is expected to find a home on an NFL team next season as well.  But the most important offensive line position of all is the center position.  And Washington Huskies Coleman Shelton could be the best of the NCAA at his position.

Center the offense

The center has a great deal of responsibility on the offensive line.  Not only is it the key position to defending a passing quarterback (due to the shortest distance), but it is a key to a successful running game as well.  But most of all, the center is responsible for setting the blocking assignments.  As defenders show blitz or pressure from one side or the other, it’s the job of the center to point out his assignment, and the other linemen count off from that player for their responsibilities.

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