This is the post that I will keep in the featured spot on the Husky Haul home page all d..."/> This is the post that I will keep in the featured spot on the Husky Haul home page all d..."/> This is the post that I will keep in the featured spot on the Husky Haul home page all d..."/>

Washington Football Recruiting: Signing Day 2013 Open Thread


This is the post that I will keep in the featured spot on the Husky Haul home page all day long. When news comes out, such as a recruit sending in his letter of intent, I will update this post with that info, including a link to the profile of that recruit that will immediately be posted in the popular column on the home page.

Even for smaller pieces of information than LOIs, I will use this thread to keep you updated, including when announcement times are changed or if new info comes out about a recruit’s intentions. For more up to the second updates, make sure to follow @HuskyHaul. And throughout the whole process, please comment below with your thoughts and opinions, or do so through twitter.


5:47 pm: Alright, that’s it, this will be the last update. Covering everything this morning was absolutely wild, and I’d like to thank all of you for choosing to depend on us for your NSD coverage. It was my first time covering the madness, and I honestly can’t wait until next year. I will recap the class, who we got, who we didn’t, and what I think it all means later tonight and tomorrow, and we will also have a preview for tomorrow’s 6pm UW vs. UCLA game up in the morning.

5:25 pm: Five-star defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes has chosen to sign with Notre Dame. While he has long considered Washington, it has been clear that it would not be the Huskies for quite some time, though UCLA fans are probably very disappointed, as many thought they were in the lead as recently as this morning. Here is the post.

2:24 pm: Sark mentioned in the Signing Day press conference that kicker Cameron Van Winkle will enroll in the spring, in time for spring practice. Just adds to the idea that he is being groomed to be the starting kicker in 2013.

2:04 pm: Here is my post on Ryan Turman, the Interlake wide receiver that has signed on as a preferred walk on. Normally I don’t cover a lot of walk-ons, but his twitter presence, especially his recruiting of other ’13 players, has made him especially notable.

1:50 pm: Sean Constantine has sent in his LOI to Washington, the final commit to do so. Eddie Vanderdoes could still possibly pick UW, but in all likelihood the Class of 2013 is now completely signed.

1:48 pm: Mora has now officially announced Jack, so here is the post on that.

1:31 pm: Looks as if Myles Jack is a done deal to UCLA, though Coach Mora hasn’t officially announced/introduced him via twitter yet. Once he does, I’ll have a post on him as well.

1:18 pm: Here is my quick post on Falah’s commitment to USC.

1:02 pm: A couple hours earlier than expected, Nico Falah has made his decision and signed his letter of intent with USC. Besides Sean Constantine, who is expected to sign later today, that probably brings the Class of 2013 to a close for Washington, though Eddie Vanderdoes is technically still a possibility and there’s always the chance for a surprise.

12:30 pm: The only commit who has not either sent in a LOI or explained why not (Daeshon Hall’s flip, Jaimie Bryant’s greyshirt) is Sean Constantine, who is expected to sign without incident later this afternoon. Nico Falah, who is deciding between USC and UW, will announce between 3 and 5pm, and Eddie Vanderdoes, who is considering UW but is considered more likely to head to Notre Dame, Alabama, or UCLA, will also announce this evening.

12:10 pm: Jermaine Kelly, the four-star cornerback out of Salesian High School in Los Angeles, has signed his letter of intent with Washington despite a late offer from USC. Out of the ’13 commits at corner , he is the most impressive and the most likely to compete for a starting spot as a freshman.

10:49 am: Meg Wochnick of The Olympian is reporting that Jaimie Bryant, a UW commit from Tumwater, will greyshirt and enroll in January of 2014, and that he will wait until that time to sign his LOI. Once again, I’ll fill you in as more information becomes available.

10:48 am: Reports coming in now that Joe Sanders, the defensive linemen from Georgia that surprised with his commit this morning, doesn’t have the grades for UW and that he will be enrolling at a Junior College instead. I will update this once I hear more about it.

10:25 am: Yep, Sark has now made it official. Here’s the recruit profile for Keishawn Bierria.

10:08 am: Sounds as if Keishawn Bierria has faxed already his letter of intent, but I’ve been waiting to post recruit profiles until I see the school announce the LOIs, so I’ll stick to that here. Not a lot of commits left who haven’t sent them in. By my count only Jaimie Bryant, Jermaine Kelly, and Sean Constantine left to go, though others not currently committed could sign, such as Nico Falah or possibly Eddie Vanderdoes.

9:40 am: Lavon Coleman of Lompoc High School (same school as Napoleon Kaufman) has signed his letter of intent with Washington. Strong, every-down back type of guy.

9:36 am: Here is the recruit profile for Patrick Enewally.

9:26 am: Patrick Enewally, another tall corner (6’1″), has signed with Washington. He has been involved with Washington for awhile, but it’s a little bit of a surprise to see him sign. For now, the name link is to Rivals. I’ll have a recruit profile up within a few minutes.

9:24 am: The latest Husky to sign his LOI with Washington is outside linebacker Connor O’Brien.

9:20 am: Dane Crane has sent in his LOI to Washington. Rated three stars, but that’s mostly due to a lack of value assigned to the center position. He’s the top center in the West.

9:12 am: Kevin King, the 6’2″ cornerback from Oakland, CA has sent in his letter of intent to Washington. Can’t have enough of those tall corners.

8:45 am: After a short lull, Andrew Basham, the defensive tackle out of Lynnwood, has sent in his letter of intent to Washington.

8:12 am: Damore’ea Stringfellow, the top wide receiver on the West Coast, has sent in his letter of intent to Washington. Convinced he will be a great college receiver, possibly as early as his freshman year.

8:08 am: A letter of intent has been received by Washington from four-star defensive end Joe Mathis.

8:05 am: A little late on this one, but Kieshawn Bierria has announced that he will sign with Washington, choosing the Huskies over Oregon State. His letter has not been officially received yet, however.

8:00 am: Daeshon Hall, the four-star defensive end from Lancaster, Texas and verbal commit to Washington has flipped to Texas A&M. A big loss for the Huskies, but not one that comes as a shock. Also, a ton of other talent in the ’13 class on the defensive line.

7:59 am: Here is the recruit profile on Joe Sanders, the surprise commit from LaGrange, Georgia who announced earlier this morning.

7:54 am: Coleman Shelton, the offensive lineman, has sent in his letter of intent.

7:44 am: Top-10 kicker Cameron Van Winkle has sent in his letter of intent to Washington.

7:37 am: David Ajamu, tight end from Shelton High School in Shelton, WA, has sent in his letter of intent to Washington.

7:29 am: Darrell Daniels, the four-star wide receiver from Freedom High School has sent in his LOI.

7:27 am: Andrew Kirkland, an offensive lineman commit from Portland, Oregon, has sent in his letter of intent to the Huskies.

7:23 am: Letter of Intent received from wide receiver John Ross.

7:22 am: Looks like Joe Sanders, a defensive end from LaGrange, Georgia, has committed to Washington pretty much out of nowhere. Here is his Rivals page, that’ll have to do until I can scramble to write up a profile.

7:20 am: The Robinson twins have decided to sign with Oregon, confirming their original verbal commitment. Too bad for the Huskies, would have been a nice win.

7:16 am: Azeem Victor, an outside linebacker from Pomona, CA, has sent in his letter of intent. He had tweeted a lot about his intention to be the first ’13 commit to get his letter in, but Farria had a time zone advantage and Qualls beat him by just a bit.

7:10 am: A letter of intent has been received by Washington from defensive tackle Elijah Qualls, the first commit on the West Coast to get his letter in.

6:59 am: The first letter of intent of the day is in for Washington from Peoria, Arizona defensive end Marcus Farria. The link in his name is to a quick recruit profile, something I will post for every recruit after they send in their LOI.

6:47 am: Maurice Swain, the three-star defensive tackle from LaGrange, Georgia, has chosen Indiana over Washington  and SDSU. No story on this one because it wasn’t really expected for him to choose UW.

6:44 am: Alright, I am officially up and ready to go. No letters of intent in yet, but the Robinson twins are supposed to announce between Oregon or Washington in the next 45 minutes (some say 6:45, others 7:30) and Azeem Victor will likely be the first Husky commit to send in his LOI, as he’s mentioned 7:01am on twitter. The guy loves the University of Washington.