Preview: Washington vs. Georgia


Washington Huskies (23-10) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (21-11)

Stars: F Howard Trey Thompkins and G Dustin Ware

Location: Charlotte, NC (Time Warner Cable Arena)

Time: 6:45 PM (PDT)


Radio: 950 AM

We have been breaking down this game since Sunday. Here are the findings:

Georgia is a more physical team and use their size and forwards to score. They love to slow down the game and like to be in the paint. Georgia will rely on their big man Trey Thompkins who mainly plays in the key but can shoot the outside shot. The Bulldogs aren’t strong in 3pt shooting nor are they proficient in catching up or pulling away.

The Huskies are quite the opposite, they don’t rely on their game as physical, and most often end up fouling if the game gets physical. The Huskies love to score and play fast, they are great at scoring from 3pt range and also use the drive and dish to their advantage. Washington will rely on their little man, Isaiah Thomas who mainly uses his ability to penetrate and to find the open man when needed.

This game is going to go one of two ways- 1- Washington could run away with this game, and really put Georgia behind them. If UW can come out playing strong ball from the beginning, the Bulldogs will begin to fall behind and not be able to catch back up quick enough. 2- Georgia controls the tempo and the game stays close for its entirety and it will come down to the last few minutes of play to decide the winner.

Keys to Success for the Huskies:

  1. Bench Points- Georgia only averages around 11 points off the bench while UW’s has scorers through the majority of their bench.
  2. Create Turnovers- UW wants to play fast, the best way to make that happen is put the Bulldogs under pressure by creating turnovers.
  3. Control Trey Thompkins- Don’t let him take-over this game, keep him as a role player and shut him down.

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