Profile of the Georgia Bulldogs


Profile of Georgia:
Important Win: 77-70 over Kentucky at Home

Important Loss: 59-57 to Tennessee at Home

Playing Style: Their primary style of play is to get the ball into the paint to their big men and score that way. They aren’t a high 3 point shooting ball club and typically score inside of the key.

Defensive Style: They play a man-to-man but have run a few 2-3 zones.

Strengths: Their biggest strength is in the assists category, they are good at slowing down the game enough to find the open man or get it in the paint to score. They also don’t turn the ball over as much as other teams and were among the bottom in the SEC in turnovers.

Weaknesses: They don’t put up a lot of points, and struggle to shoot from behind the arch. They have 2 players that can consistently shoot threes and a third that has his moments, but the team as a whole doesn’t shoot threes. If they fall behind they tend to struggle to catch back up with their slow tempo and lack of ability to score points quick. They also tend to keep games close, and a better team will take advantage of that down the stretch.

Best Player: Forward- Trey Thompkins who averages 16.1 points a game and 7.5 rebounds. He is one of the two that can make threes at a consistent level, however, being a forward doesn’t find himself out behind the arch much in Georgia’s offense.

Important Team Stats:
FG Pct.- 45.1
FG Pct. Allowed- 39.6
FT Pct.- 69.6
3PT Pct.- 34.0
Rebound Per Game Avg.- 37
Assists Per Game Avg.- 15
Turnover Per Game Avg.-13

How to Beat Georgia:
Beating Georgia is going to require making big plays on both the offense and defense. It is important to get a lead on Georgia and making them play from behind. Shutting down Trey Thompkins is going to be hard but the defense on him is going to not only have to guard him in the paint but also on the outside. Most of Georgia’s wins or losses have been close and it comes down to the team that can play the best for the full 40 minutes.

Sweet Charts:
Here are some charts that may interest you in regards to Georgia.

NCAA Basketball Stats

The above chart provides info on the player with the most impact in each category for the Georgia Bulldogs.

College Basketball Stats by

The above chart shows points per possession for Georgia as well as their opponents points per possession in each game.

Coming Soon: The University of Washington Profile followed by the comparison of the two teams.