Compare: Georgia vs. Washington


Tomorrow at 6:45pm PT Washington will take on Georgia in the first round (considered the second by some) of the NCAA Tournament.

Profile of Georgia

Profile of Washington

Here is a basic comparison of the two teams just in statistical categories:

NCAA Basketball

As you can see the Huskies are statistically better in almost all the categories. It is telling to see that even what Georgia says are their strengths, UW is statistically better than them in it.

Though don’t get wrapped up just in the stats because stats can’t tell you -matchups and physical game-play. That is what could be the difference in this game, if Georgia can play more physical and create matchup difficulties they could find a way to pull this game out.

However, UW also has the edge in points off the bench. Chris Fetters of tweeted that UW has 31.6 points outside of their starting 5 and Georgia with 11.5.

Here is a breakdown of UW’s point guard and best forward vs. UGA’s point guard and best forward.

NCAA Basketball Stats

What is really noticeable is how much higher the Field Goal Percentage is, Rebounds per game, and how much more UW fouls than Georgia (this is the physical part of the game). Which means Georgia can play more physical without fouling, while UW tends to foul when the game gets rough.

This comparison is just to help paint a picture of how these two teams that have never played each other will fare tomorrow.

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