Profile of the Washington Huskies


Profile of Washington:
Important Win: 85-65 over Arizona at Home

Important Loss: 68-56 to Oregon State on the Road

Playing Style: Fast and hard for the full 40 minutes. They love to score off the break and on the turnover. When the game does get slowed down, they rely on Isaiah Thomas to drive and dish. They use his ability to penetrate and their perimeter shooters to shoot threes.

Defensive Style: It depends on their opponent and/or their lineup. They prefer to play a man-to-man but can run a 2-3 zone.

Strengths: They have a deep bench in which all but two of their players see valuable minutes. They score a lot of points, shoot a lot of threes, and force turnovers.

Weaknesses: Their losses have come because of turnovers, fouls, and second chance points. They struggle when a team slows them down and shuts down Isaiah Thomas.

Best Player: Guard- Isaiah Thomas, the offense is run through and around Isaiah Thomas. If he is able to have his way with a defense, the whole team can basically score at will.

Important Team Stats:
FG Pct.- 47.1
FG Pct. Allowed- 41.6
FT Pct.- 66.7
3PT Pct.- 37.1
Rebound Per Game Avg.- 39.3
Assists Per Game Avg.- 17.2
Turnover Per Game Avg.- 12.4

How to Beat Washington:
Force them to slow down, and get them to create turnovers. The Huskies are learning to play in a slow tempo, if forced by an opponent but still tend to rush shots and turn the ball over. Shut down Isaiah Thomas, and don’t allow him to penetrate the lane, if he can penetrate, the Huskies can score from anywhere.

Sweet Charts:
Here are some charts that may interest you in regards to Washington.

NCAA Basketball

The above chart provides info on the player with the most impact in each category for the Washington Huskies.

College Basketball Stats by

The above chart shows points per possession for Washington as well as their opponents points per possession in each game. For reference, Washington is the best in the PAC-10 at points per possession.

Coming Soon: The comparison of Georgia and Washington.