Washington football game Saturday: Huskies vs Arkansas State odds and prediction for Week 3

Washington football is coming off of their second-straight loss on the season and things look to be falling apart for the program.

Head coach Jimmy Lake could very well find himself on the hot seat as his team sinks in rankings.

The offense looks atrocious and has only managed to score 17 total points in two games. The Huskies’ defense has done well limiting their opponents’ passing game but they have allowed 470 total rushing yards, with 343 of those yards coming against the Michigan Wolverines alone.

This week the Washington Huskies are headed back home to Montlake to take on the Arkansas State Red Wolves. If this were any other season, this match-up would feel like an easy one for Washington. However, the Huskies are entering the game 0-2 while the Red Wolves are 1-1 and have posted a combined 90 points in their two games on the season.

Washington football vs Arkansas State Odds Week 3

The Week 3 betting odds on WynnBET currently have the Huskies favored over the Red Wolves by 27 points with an over/under set at 58.0.

Washington football vs Arkansas State Prediction Week 3

This game likely isn’t going to be as easy for the Huskies as we hope it is. The Red Wolves are very talented and operate under a fast-paced offense, which could be detrimental to the already inadequate Washington defensive line.

After two games, Coach Lake has to have figured out what’s missing from his offense. They have become too predictable and stale and need to implement more creativity into their game plan.

After re-watching the beginning of the Washington vs. Michigan game, there were a few things I noticed about the Huskies’ offense. Most people are putting the blame on quarterback Dylan Morris. I, for one, am guilty of putting a lot of blame on him. However, after slowing down the tape, his offensive line was giving him no help and the Huskies kept calling 21 personnel plays (two receivers, one tight end, one fullback, and one running back). They also kept attempting to pound the run against a crowded defensive box.

If Washington wants to succeed, they need to put more wide receivers in at play. It’s difficult when you are experiencing injuries but Coach Lake has to get his players more involved.

I’m going to predict a 24-21 Washington win to give them their first on the season.

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