Washington football continues unacceptable performance against Michigan

Some were hoping that Washington’s Week one loss to the Montana Grizzlies was just a fluke performance. However, it became clear just one play into the match-up against the Michigan Wolverines that this Washington football team is wholly unprepared for the year that they have ahead.

Reports from fall camp led fans to believe that this team looked better than ever and were ready to compete for the Pac-12 Championship. What we’ve seen so far has been quite the opposite. To simply put it, the Huskies look pathetic and it is becoming inexcusable.

It’s normal for teams to look rusty at the start of the season but Washington’s offense is just blatantly awful. The Huskie’s typically stellar defense doesn’t even look like themselves out there.

Washington football program continues unacceptable performance

There was plenty of time after the Huskies loss to Montana to reevaluate their game plans. Instead, Washington’s offense looks even less creative against Michigan. Their first three drives resulted in a three-and-out and they didn’t gain a single first down until the beginning of the second quarter.

It took a 24-3 deficit for the Huskies’ offense to change up the calling. Adamant on establishing the run from the beginning, the offense finally began drawing down-field passing plays in the fourth quarter, which led to their first touchdown of the game on a 22-yard reception by Terrell Bynum.

Quarterback Dylan Morris looked uncomfortable at commanding the offense from the start. However, it also didn’t help that his offensive line wasn’t leaving him much time to make a play happen.

Despite Michigan quarterback Cade McNamara only attempting 15 total passes, the Huskies’ defense had good pressure on the passing game. It was the Wolverines’ run game that they couldn’t get their hands on.

It was clear Michigan running back Blake Corum was going to be an incredible force to stop but the Huskies might have over-sold themselves. They ultimately allowed the Wolverines to rush for a total of 343 yards and four touchdowns.

Final thoughts on Washington vs. Michigan

Something is deep is happening and head coach Jimmy Lake and the rest of his coaching staff should be embarrassed. It’s becoming clear why so many top recruits have de-committed from the program.

The Huskies’ offense desperately needs a spark moving forward. As to what this spark could be is questionable. Coach Lake and offensive coordinator John Donovan look completely incompetent to make the necessary changes to get this team on track. They need preparation and they need discipline.