Washington football expectations rely heavily on recruiting and QB Dylan Morris

Expectations seem to be riding hard on Washington football as we inch closer to the start of the new College Football season.

While Washington fans are excited and have high hopes for the team this season, the outside world seems to undervalue their potential.

The Huskies are viewed as the third-best team in the Pac-12 according to most preseason polls. With Utah inching their way up, the Huskies could drop to number four.

Why is Washington football so underrated going into the 2021 season?

One concerning factor underlying the Huskies and Head Coach Jimmy Lake is the number of de-commits happening within the program. Some of the most notable de-commits are edge rusher Anthony Jones, defensive tackle Sir Mells, offensive lineman Mark Nabou, and defensive tackle Ben Roberts.

These de-commits are all within one recruiting cycle. According to reports, former Husky Head Coach Chris Petersen had only four de-commitments in his six years with the team.

What has caused this shift in culture? Fans have criticized Coach Lake’s passive recruiting process and his choice of coaching hires. The UW also saw several players transfer out of the program this past year while their rival Oregon sees their recruiting process progress forwards.

However, fans continue to remain the most optimistic about the upcoming season.

During Fall camp, the rise of the Huskies offense has fans booming. Dylan Morris is quietly transforming into a star quarterback and the offense has even made their typically exceptional defense look shaky at times.

Morris had four touchdown passes in four games last season and led the Huskies from a 21-0 deficit to come back and beat Utah 24-21. If he can convert on third-and-long plays and improve his efficiency in the red-zone, the Huskies are one to watch.

If the Huskies can perform as well on offense as they have been on defense, they are serious contenders for the Pac-12 Championship, Rose Bowl, and even a spot in the College Football Playoff.