Washington Husky LB Azeem Victor taking aim at NFL

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 09: Linebacker Azeem Victor
SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 09: Linebacker Azeem Victor /
TEMPE, AZ – NOVEMBER 14: Linebacker Azeem Victor
TEMPE, AZ – NOVEMBER 14: Linebacker Azeem Victor /

Washington Football team leader/rebel Azeem Victor is an uncontrollable force on the football field.  Now he aims for a new stage, the NFL

Washington Football linebacker Azeem Victor has been a complex story to tell in his NCAA play. He is a master of the defense. And as such, he stands out as a leader when he takes his place on the football field. Whenever he sets the defensive scheme, opposing offenses are often confused and frustrated. However, there were times when he disappeared in the game.  But that potential, that raw power of football energy is enough to attract plenty of NFL interest. And that all begins at the inception of the  2018 NFL Combine.

It may be an uphill battle. But that is nothing new to Azeem Victor. He suffered a season-ending injury in 2016, and that threw his 2017 performance off. That, and some weight gain which has already shown up in NFL scourting reports. And one other thing – suspensions. He was suspended in the season opener against Rutgers. But he suffered a second suspension in the season when the team decided he would not play in the final three games, included the Fiesta Bowl game against Penn State.


A lesser man would have shrugged and walked away. But Victor is no lesser man. He knows what it takes to remain at the top of his game. And despite that leg injury he knows what he must do. Work hard. Train hard. Play hard. Still, he has worked hard to get to this moment, the 2018 NFL Combine invitation.  At the start of the 2017 season, he had a lot of good buzz about him. Recall how he was mocked in the first round of the 2018 NFL Mock Draft?

Even our own Cody Tyo saw huge potential in the 2017 season for Victor and teammate Keishawn Bierria.  Unfortunately, that stellar season never arrived for the duo.

NFL Combine

What is arriving is the 2018 NFL Combine. And during that event, Washington teammates will both support, and compete against, one another for NFL interest.  And that’s both incredible and challenging where Bierria and Victor are concerned. Still both have plenty of solid skillsets for NFL teams.

Victor is not a system linebacker. He processes in real time. And as such, he will be undervalued in his scouting reports. How so? Since his injury, he simply did not play with the same impact. But he can make an impact.

What does Azeem Victor bring to the NFL?

He is a rare combination of strength, fierceness, and run-stopper. When focused, he can shine on the football field like few can. He brings the “pop” in his tackles, and can be heard throughout the stadium. And once he gets in that zone of hitting hard, he feeds off the energy. He is a true momentum type of player. As such, he did not show up as well on his senior season, coinciding with his post-injury play.  Still, he did take the field, but vanished at times in games.  Some believe he plateaued. Others conclude that he struggled coming back off injury, and expect a steep improvement in his play at the next level.

And he is not limited in his play. He brings incredible versatility. He can play inside or outside linebacker. And above that, he can stop the run, set the edge, rush the passer, or cover a tight end or running back. He has incredible range, flowing sideline to sideline with ease. And thanks to great defensive linemen, he has an inate ability to use his teammates position to optimize his play on the ball carrier.

Projected range: Round 4-5

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