Washington Football WR Brayden Dickey (Lenius) hopes to catch on elsewhere

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 30: Head coach Chris Petersen (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images))
GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 30: Head coach Chris Petersen (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)) /

As the 2018 Washington Football roster begins to take shape, players who want playing time must earn it here, or find it elsewhere. WR Brayden Dickey (Lenius) hopes to catch on at another football team

Washington Football is a great opportunity for many players. But for those whose football career did not earn them much playing time,  it can be very frustrating.  Unlike the opportunities afforded to those who wait patiently, the four-year eligibility of NCAA football can be a time bomb which ticks off silently, with an explosion that decimates nothing but the hopes of young athletes who need playing time to further their aspirations.

Such is the case for wide receiver Brayden Dickey.

The Catch

Dickey has been a Washington Husky since arriving as a three-star recruit in 2014. As a Husky, he is credited with 42 receptions for 452 yards and three touchdowns. But there is no mistaking the catch which propelled him to the memories of virtually every Washington Huskies fan. In this play, wide receiver Bradyen Lenius reached over the back of Trojans cornerback Iman Marshall for the catch. The pass resulted in a critical first down for Washington in the third quarter.

Washington went on to defeat the USC Trojans in that one, 17-12.

Tragic loss, difficult decision

Per reports from The HeraldNet’s Ryan Clark, this decision follows the tragic death of his father Troy Dickey. Troy Dickey had traveled to Arizona to see his son in the Fiesta Bowl. While there, he suffered a stroke, eventually leading to his untimely passing.  He was just 46 years old.

Brayden Dickey’s decision is completely understandable in those circumstances. And our thoughts and prayers go with him. He will always be a Washington Husky.

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Brayden will have one more year of NCAA eligibility remaining, and with the right program, could surprise some people. At 6-foot-5 , he certainly has the right dimensions for a good season somewhere.  We at the Husky Haul wish him the best.