Myles Gaskin will run once more as Washington Husky

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Running back Myles Gaskin will lead the Washington Husky ground game once more.

When you examine the performance of the 2017 Washington Football team, the rushing game stands out as exemplary.  The confusing part to me about the nation’s perception of Myles Gaskin? He has been ranked no higher than a projected 4th round pick. With so many running backs migrating to the NFL for the 2018 NFL Draft, there is simply not enough spotlight to go around. And so, Myles Gaskin has made his decision. He will try one more run as the Washington Huskies featured running back.

The decision to go or to stay is much more than sheer loyalty. It can be a difference of millions of dollars.  Defecting to the NFL too soon, and the draft ranking will drop a player to the later rounds. Once there, the contract seals a player at a bargain price to an NFL team for years.  And once there, there is no guarantee that a player earns playing time, or a second NFL contract.

Risks on either path

But remaining in the NCAA can bring its own set of perils. Injuries to a college senior can be devastating.  Even a season without progression can lose the attention of NFL scouts and analysts. Finally, a sub-par performance for the team can be equally devastating.

Returning to play for the Washington Football team is by no means the “safe” route. In fact, it’s a bit of a risk for the young man. But let’s examine his three year performance. You may recall our expectation that Gaskin would go “Beastmode” this past season. While he did not crank out a 2,000 rushing yard season, he certainly up’d his yards per carry to 6.2 yards and his touchdowns to 21.

Getting the band back together

At the beginning of the season, we anticipated some defections from this team to the NFL. Of that lot, both quarterback Jake Browning, left tackle Tre Adams, right tackle Kaleb McGary, running back Myles Gaskin, defensive tackle Greg Gaines and back from injury wide receiver Chico McClatcher, defensive backs Byron Murphy and Jordan Murphy, and tight end Hunter Bryant, this offense is set to go for next season. In fact, the running game may be one of the best in the NCAA in 2018.

While this does not guarantee anything, it does give the Washington Football team plenty of veteran leadership to help ease the transition next year. And with so many “back from injury” players, the ranks are already swollen with significant talent.

Perception is everything in Pac-12

Washington Football fans learned all too well the lesson of national perception last year. Despite losing just three games, the Washington Football team ended the season at 16th in the nation. That is one of the lowest rankings for a three-loss major football program, and is no doubt due to the subjective nature of the NCAA ranking system.  The truth is that the Washington Football team fought through season-long adversity and injury throughout the season.

But all those injured players are back, and the team just added one of the best recruiting classes in its history.

The fact is that the perception is that the Washington Huskies will be a very good team next year, and by all rights they should be very good indeed.

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Myles Gaskin is coming back for his final season, and that says alot about his belief in this team. But there is some unfinished business, and the Huskies will take on the goal of a national championship once more.  So many players are returning because they understand two things:
There is unfinished business. And secondly, this team will be capable of great things, starting with reclaiming the Pac-12 championship.