Will Harris to become Washington Football team’s 10th coach

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 25: Head coach Chris Petersen (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 25: Head coach Chris Petersen (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

Washington Football team to add former San Jose State defensive backs coach Will Harris to coaching staff

Preparation is not just a mantra. And it’s not just for the players. A Washington Football Chris-Petersen-coached-team is one that stresses preparation daily. And he practices what he preaches.  As you may know, the NFL coaches are in a great deal of flux, transition and turmoil. Out with the old and in with the new is a common practice each year.  Still, despite that annual trend, the 2018 NFL coaching changes appear to be even more widespread than ever before.  And that raises our concerns as to the impact of the NFL on the Washington Football team coaching staff.

Concerns that may be shared elsewhere.  You know that the Washington Football team has risen among the ranks of colllege football programs.  And so far, that improvement has been the result of better coaching.  Coaches like defensive coordinators Peter Kwiatkowski and Jimmy Lake are incredibly talented coaches, and it’s only a matter of time until some NFL team makes an offer which they will be unable to refuse.

A great selection for a great area of need

Knowing that day may come sooner than later, the team must prepare for all possibilities even sooner.  And today, reports are that the team is adding a very special coach to the staff.

San Jose State defensive backs coach Will Harris appears to be that special. In fact, as a Washington football coach, he will benefit from the opportunity to develop among some of the brightest defensive minds in college football.  That opportunity dictates he must be a very special coach indeed. I think the Coach Petersen hit the bullseye with this selection. And now it appears to be nearly official.

Harris will work among Kwiatkowski and Lake as he develops his coaching style for the team.  Currently, the team has yet to announce his role. Still, his background as defensive backs coach suggest he will align with Coach Jimmy Lake rather early.

Who is Will Harris?

Will Harris has a rapidly growing reputation as a solid defensive coach. Born in Pasadena, California in December 29, 1986, he contributed to the USC Trojans defense, and played on the team which landed in the Rose Bowl throughout his time there from 2006-2009. But understanding the role and the game is not enough to make a good coach. That is where coaching roles tell the tale.  Let’s examine Will Harris’ resume per the San Jose State University published biography:

2013 –          NW Oklahoma State University DB coach
2014 –          Humboldt State University DB coach
2015 –          Dixie College DB coach/recruiting coordinator
2016 – 17    San Jose State University DB coach

Effective? YES!

While this illustrate the where, there is still the question of effectiveness. And so, from the same San Jose State University biography, we noticed this:

"“In his first season with the Spartans, he coached two All-Mountain West defensive backs. Cornerback Andre Chachere was a first-team all-conference choice and finished fourth nationally in passes defended. Safety Maurice McKnight was an honorable mention selection.” – Per San Jose State University published biography"

Those are immediate results, and that is exactly the type of effectiveness this Washington Huskies are seeking.  There will be more to this story as official announcements are released.  But for the fans who may concern themselves with  the future and coaching depth and quality, this is a home run by virtually every measure.

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This hire will allow the team to develop defensive backs going forward, as Coach Lake and Coach K continue to forge a steel curtain-like defense to thwart Pac-12 offenses.  Is it a good hire? Yes. Does this move insulate the Washington Football team from NFL coaching defections? Yes.

Well played, Coach Petersen. Well played.