Matisse Thybulle emerging as NBA worthy talent

TUCSON, AZ - JANUARY 29: Matisse Thybulle
TUCSON, AZ - JANUARY 29: Matisse Thybulle /
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TUCSON, AZ – JANUARY 14: Parker Jackson-Cartwright
TUCSON, AZ – JANUARY 14: Parker Jackson-Cartwright /

Why Thybulle fits NBA now

The NBA will have a crop of shooters every year. Players who score bushel baskets of points in the NCAA. Still, most of those players will struggle to score as easily in the NBA.  And some will never match their collegiate production.  In the NBA, parity exists. Schemes rarely feature the same player night after night on the offensive front.

So NCAA stars dim in the NBA.

But basketball players who can shoot but also play solid defense do not fade away so quickly.  Defense wins championships. The only reason so many players do not pursue their defensive skillsets is the commitment it requires. Defense is every moment on the basketball court. Each shot must be contested. Each dribble must be defended.  Matisse Thybulle “gets it”, thanks to Coach Hopkins.

Four year program, three year star?

Now, Coach Hopkins runs a four year program. As players familiarize themselves with roles and responsibilities, they will instruct newcomers as well.  As such, I don’t project Matisse Thybulle as an automatic to the 2018 NBA Draft.

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But I cannot lie either. He has NBA worthy talent, today.  And if he dangles himself out there as a participant at the 2018 NBA Combine, I suspect the warm welcome by NBA scouts will encourage serious consideration to move on to the pros.  I know several NBA teams with a true need at the wing position. And there is no reason all NBA teams won’t take a look at a solid wing who can shoot from the perimeter and play good defense.   After all, Matisse Thybulle is the real deal.  Sooner or later, the NBA will discover that.  I hope its later. I fear it’s sooner.