Coach Romar integral part of Washington’s upset of Kansas

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The conflict over who is better for the Washington Basketball team: Coach Romar or Coach Hopkins, is a moot point. Both coaches played a significant role in Washington’s upset of Kansas

Blame game, conflict, trolling, snarling of teeth and “I told you so” events are a part of fandom from every team. We cheer for the team. Then we select coaches or players with whom we identify and cheer them. Unfortunately, when a team makes a coaching change, some fans cheer, some fans boo.  Such is the case when the Washington Basketball team transitioned from Lorenzo Romar to Mike Hopkins Some fans held onto their admiration of former Coach Romar. Others embraced the welcome addition of Coach Hopkins

But much like the beloved children of divorcing parents, factions feel torn in their loyalties. Admiration and respect for one must mean disdain and disrespect for the other, right?  Actually no. There is a simple and objective principal that must be made very clear. BOTH COACHES CONTRIBUTED TO THIS TEAM.

Biggest upset of the year

Both had an integral role in forging this team, these players, into the David who just felled Kansas’ Goliath..

So the Washington Basketball team stepped up in one of the most Herculean examples of NCAA basketball in a shocking defeat of second ranked Kansas.

Mysteriously that event of “who gets the credit” triggered the feud of Washington Basketball fans once more.  And the disagreement surfaced in a somewhat unattractive manner at times.

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