Getting to NCAA Playoffs is tough, get going Huskies!

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 09: Wide receiver Dante Pettis
SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 09: Wide receiver Dante Pettis /

The Washington Football team is more than a defending Pac-12 champion. This is a team on the hunt for excellence. Right now, they hope to find their way back to the NCAA playoffs. But the going back is tough. Time for the Huskies to get going

When the going gets tough… is a cliche. But there is still enough meaning in the phrase to apply to the Washington Football team. The mettle of the Huskies has been tested and forged in a rather difficult season so far. Difficult, but plenty of accolades sprinkled in for good measure. There is the record setting performance of Dante Pettis.   The team thrives with a solid running game and an excellent defense.

But the “showmanship” potential of the Huskies is just not flashy enough for the national media to rave about.  Still, the team is making some inroads.  Top defense in the nation is nothing to sneeze at.  And with a number of CFP competitive teams in the hunt losing their second game, the Washington Huskies moved up this week to number nine.

But nine is still a far cry from number one through four. So how can the team make up the difference in the remaining part of the season? Win, Win, Win, and Win, and have a little luck in the meantime.

Win Win Win and Win plus…. help!?!

The Washington Huskies have upcoming games to close out the season which will be a true test of the team on offense, defense, special teams, and coaching.  But to do so, the team must travel to Stanford and defeat the 6-3 Cardinals, return home to face the 5-4 Utah Utes, and then face the 19th ranked 8-2 Washington State Cougars in the Apple Cup at home.  Do all that, and the team will have the opportunity to face the Pac-12 South winner, currently expected to be the 11th ranked USC Trojans.

Win four games.   Sounds simple.  But it’s the toughest stretch for any Pac-12 team remaining. Even so, many websites have not written the Washington Huskies off just yet.

Still the team needs some help as well.  Major players this week include 7-2 Auburn (versus top ranked Georgia), 7-2 Mississippi State (versus 2nd ranked Alabama), 8-0 Miami (versus 3rd ranked Notre Dame) , 3-5 Florida State (versus 4th ranked Clemson), 8-1 TCU (versus 5th ranked Oklahoma), and 6-3 Iowa (versus 8th ranked Wisconsin) .

Upsets won’t upset Washington

Those are a lot of games where the hope is for an upset.  Still, the Notre Dame vs. Miami game and the TCU vs. Oklahoma game are games where both teams are ranked better than Washington.  So as long as the Huskies keep winning, higher ranked teams will thin themselves out.

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Yes, that is a lot to process. For all intents and purposes, the only games that truly matter is the game showcasing the Washington Huskies.  Since the Washington Football team has a short week, there will be plenty of time to drop in on “related games” on Saturday, November 11th.

It’s a rough trail to travel. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  That’s why you can expect the Huskies to get going now.