Five takeaways from Washington Football road victory over Colorado

BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 23: Myles Gaskin
BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 23: Myles Gaskin /
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SEATTLE, WA – SEPTEMBER 09: Quarterback Jake Browning
SEATTLE, WA – SEPTEMBER 09: Quarterback Jake Browning /

Takeaway III – Jake Browning is incredibly underrated

Quarterback Jake Browning is not getting much notice from the nation’s press. He simply is not flashy enough to get much attention. National media love gunslingers, but Browning is more akin to an orchestra conductor. He sets up teammates to make plays.

Browning won’t throw passes just to pad his statistics. His head is in the game the entire time. That means the young man knows the objective. Run the clock down with a lead late  in the second half. Don’t make poor decisions.  These are all Browning traits.

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Browning’s numbers are stunted because he has been pulled from from most games in second half due to the score.  While the score eventually did turn to Washington’s favor, the game was very much undecided until the fourth quarter.  Still, the true knock on Browning is his lack of playmaking abilities.

Clutch playmaker

But he can throw the ball in tough coverage for a score.  Isn’t that what being a playmaker is all about? And it was to seldom used receiver Quinten Pounds.  He threaded double coverage for a touchdown pass which should be on each highlight reel.

That pass was huge. With just a three point lead, the Buffalo remained confident that they could mount a comeback if they could keep the game close. Throwing that deep for a score is huge, and a sign of just how good Browning is.  Sometimes, just throwing touchdowns doesn’t seem to be enough. Oh, by the way, Browning extended his TD tossing ways to 18 consecutive games.