Washington Football Team Red Zone defense on RED ALERT

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 09: Defensive back Myles Bryant
SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 09: Defensive back Myles Bryant /
SEATTLE, WA – SEPTEMBER 09: Defensive back Myles Bryant
SEATTLE, WA – SEPTEMBER 09: Defensive back Myles Bryant /

Early games in the season result in unusual statistics. Still, the Washington Football team has allowed five red zone appearances to result in five scores by their opponents.

The Washington Football team defense is stout this year. In fact, the team is very stout, ranking second in scoring defense in the Pac-12, behind top-rated Colorado. But the defense also stops opponents on the field as well. The 261.7 yards per game is second only to Utah this year.

In fact, in virtually each defensive category, the Huskies rank near the top.  On all but one category: Red-zone defense.

The red zone is the area within the 20 yard line to the end zone. On offense, the presumption is that if the ball makes it within 20 yards, the team should get points.  On defense, the opposite is true.  If the opponent makes it within the 20 yard line, the defense tries to deny a score.

As of today, the Colorado Buffalo are ranked first in the Pac-12 at defending the red-zone. Conversely, the Washington Huskies are ranked last.  Will that decide the game this weekend?

Another subplot in huge game

Hopefully not. The Huskies rank fourth in the conference on red-zone offense, while the Buffalo come in at tenth. If the game is to be decided, it will likely be a combination of the red-zone efficiencies of both teams.

Still, it’s a statistic to keep an eye on. Home field advantage tends to improve a team’s effectiveness and Colorado is home.  You can bet both teams are very aware of this anomaly, and have footage detailing what works and what doesn’t work near the end zone.

Still, I expect it’s the Huskies who have the better chance of adjusting for this game. In the first three contests, the score has permitted Coach Petersen to rotate in players off the bench. Late rotations has given the opponent’s offense new life in each game.  I do not expect a runaway score in this one.  The last rout happened on the back of key Colorado mistakes.

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Don’t expect as many mistakes from the Buffalo. Don’t expect to see Washington Football reserves rotating in early in the second half.  And hopefully, don’t expect to see the Huskies defense continue to allow opponents to score at will in the red-zone.