Markelle Fultz debut impresses Kevin Durant

LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 08: Markelle Fultz
LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 08: Markelle Fultz /

It’s rare for an NBA rookie to catch the eye of an NBA star. But that is exactly what Markelle Fultz did. Kevin Durant already noticing his moves

Did you wonder how Washington Basketball’s point guard  Markelle Fultz would fare in the NBA? Wonder no more.  He will thrive there.  Now, admittedly I am a tad biased. But I have the backing of some very objective experts on that subject. Take Kevin Durant’s reaction, for example:

Video Highlights

Now, I don’t have a video of that exact play to fire off, but I know exactly the one referred to.  Fultz had the ball and leaned left as though he was lining up the shot. That drew his defender up and off his feet.  Then, Fultz merely crouched down, leaned to the right, and popped a pull-up jumper.  Check out the video at 30 second mark.

In the end, it is merely an NBA appetizer. This was the first time these players work with their coaches and with these players. Some may never play together again, while some will play together for nearly their entire NBA careers.

Talented players

This is basketball at it’s purest level. Guys putting on uniforms stepping onto the basketball court. Whether the plan is to learn a new position, impress the coaches for future playing time, or simply try to showcase talents to attract a contract, it’s still playing a game passionately.

It’s a new chapter. The Washington Basketball team are recruiting players for 2018 and 2019 now.  The Washington Football team is gearing up to defend their Pac-12 Title.

But for Markelle Fultz, he is now an NBA player. He will always be a Husky. But now he is working his way up through the pros.

Recruiting tools

Ultimately, the play of Washington Huskies in the pros incentivizes prospects to consider higher education in the Seattle, Washington area.  While other universities seem to attract higher rated recruits, there is no way around it.  The Washington Huskies athletics departments resulted in the top NBA draft selection, the top WNBA draft selection, and three defensive backs selected in the same round (two) of the most recent drafts.

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Kevin Durant is noticing Markelle Fultz. Which NBA superstar will notice the next Washington Basketball player?  If they are still undecided, hopefully that gives them enough of a tug to pull them to Washington.