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Washington Football Recruiting: Tyrell and Tyree Robinson Visiting This Weekend


Recruiting in college sports is rarely, if ever, simple. The saga of Tyrell and Tyree Robinson, a pair of two-sport twins out of San Diego, California, is no different. A quick Google search for “Tyrell and Tyree Robinson” makes it clear just how unique their situation is. The results are a convoluted mess of recruiting profiles from Scout, ESPN and Rivals, which is normal for any big-time recruit, except that it’s tough to tell which links are to football profiles and which are to basketball profiles.

Unlike some two-way players, such as Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who are clearly more skilled in one sport, but have the talent to just barely play at such a high level in another, the Robinson twins are both legitimate basketball prospects. If they suddenly had a change of heart and decided they never wanted to see another football, a dozen or so schools would still be more than happy to have them on as pure basketball players. Rivals, for example, gives both twins three stars. Tyree is listed as a shooting guard while Tyrell is a small forward.

Despite this, it is unclear whether or not the Robinson twins will even play basketball, as they are given even higher marks as football players. Rivals has them both listed as athletes, and gives them four stars. As far as their true positions? It’s a little tough to say, as it really depends on not only what program they commit to, but also what they personally want. Tyrell is the larger of the two, listed at 6’4″ and 210 pounds, and he appears to be a lock to play defense, either as a safety or outside linebacker. Tyree is a little smaller at 6’3″ and 190 pounds, and he could either play wide receiver, where he would likely play at Oregon, or as a cornerback, where it is believed Washington may prefer him.

The Robinson brothers committed to Oregon back in late September, but the verbal is considered soft, and with the recent news that the twins plan on canceling a trip to Ohio State in order to visit Washington this weekend, it appears that the Huskies have a chance to flip their commitment.

Where will they end up? I am unafraid to admit that I do not know. The fact that their verbals are still with Oregon probably indicates that the Ducks should be favored to sign them on the 6th, but this visit to Washington will not be an ordinary, routine deal.

Sark and his staff have a ton of recruits coming in this weekend. I honestly have lost track, but it’s in the double-digits. There will be a feeling of camaraderie and family between not only the recruits visiting, but also those recruits and all of the coaches and players that host them, that might not be present on a normal visit. So this weekend, this late in the game, with a big group atmosphere, would be a perfect time for a recruit to fall in love and make a big switch.

Whether or not that happens, you can bet the Oregon staff is anything but relaxed about this visit.