The Morning Haul: 10/30


Good morning! Couple of useful football links to pass along on this wonderful Tuesday, concerning both the Oregon State win and the upcoming game against Cal. I’m just now starting to shift into a mode of thinking about the Golden Bears, a team that I haven’t had to pay much attention to this season. Because they have been so disappointing, I haven’t really watched too many of their games or written about too many of their players. Beyond discussing the job security, or lack thereof, of Jeff Tedford, my knowledge of the team leaves much to desire. So, it’s off to watch some game footage and look over the numbers over at to see how I expect the Huskies to do this week. Of course, I’ll pass on whatever I learn, and whatever I begin to think, as the week goes on.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Another awesome Stadium Update from the Dawg Pound. I’m really relying on these things for my own knowledge of the stadium. Which, I have to admit, is a little ridiculous considering I live about 15 minutes away by foot. I just never find myself on that side of the campus.

The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown from Pacific Takes. This is all stuff we’ve touched on in the past few days, but the article packages up the various pieces of information very well.

Thought I would pass on the depth chart and the game notes, though there isn’t anything all that new to be found. No major injuries against Oregon State that will influence the Cal game.

According to Gregg Bell, the Huskies have no time to bask in the glory of the Oregon State win.