NCAA 13: A Look Into The Simulation Crystal Ball


EA Sports has officially released NCAA 13 and video gamers from all over the world have secured a copy. The NCAA games are a fun and relaxing way to unwind from your day but they are also a fun way to look into the simulation “crystal ball”.

In June, the ratings were leaked on youtube and I wrote a piece on what the Huskies were rated. Last season, we used NCAA 12 to break down Nick Montana’s first start. The simulation is something that I am intrigued by and love to look at because it is essentially speculation from a computer. It is the computer’s way of trying to determine what will happen in real-life. It isn’t always right but it also isn’t always wrong.

It crunches the data, adds in the “human factor” the best it can, and comes out with what it thinks will happen.

And we now have our first look into the NCAA 13 simulation this season from Adam Kramer, made notable off of Keggs and Eggs but now writes for Bleacher Report. It is a crazy way to look at the entire season and see what his computer came up with for the results of the 2012-2013 football season.

In his simulation the Heisman winner went to D’Anthony Thomas but the runner-up went to none other than Husky QB, Keith Price. He threw for 2,988 yards had 27 throwing touchdowns, 11 rushing touchdowns on 330 rushing yards, and only had four interceptions.

That’s a pretty good season for Price. In fact, that is an amazing season for Price.

In Pac-12 rankings; Washington (10-4) finished third behind USC (11-2) and Utah (12-2). The bottom of the Pac-12 was Arizona, Oregon State, Washington State, and Colorado. All finishing with a 3-9 record. Oregon (the rival) finished sixth at 9-4.

Washington played in the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin and lost 46-32.