Washington Huskies: NCAA 13 Ratings Leaked


NCAA 13 comes out in about 5 weeks from now on July 10. However, the team ratings and player ratings have been leaked onto the internet and it is always fun to see how game programmers rate certain players and teams. All the current ratings in the leak are subject to change but, for the most part, this is where most players and teams will sit for the release date.

Not everyone loves video games and I am sure some of you don’t care what game programmers rate players or teams. But for me, it is intriguing to take a look at a perception of the Husky program from a national stance. EA Sports is not based in Washington nor are the programmers Husky fans. Thus, their rankings should intrigue Husky fans.

Keith Price is rated the highest at a 94 overall which make sense. He is the best player on the Husky team right now.

Sean Parker is next at 93 with 91 speed, followed by Austin Seferian-Jenkins at 90 with 84 speed.

The next 10 are:

  • Jesse Callier – 88
  • Kasen Williams – 88
  • Josh Shirley – 87
  • Drew Schaefer – 86
  • Desmond Trufant – 86
  • Micah Hatchie -85
  • Erik Kohler – 84
  • Bishop Sankey – 83
  • James Johnson – 83
  • Gregory Ducre – 83

You can see the whole list on a youtube video here at 45 seconds in.

The team is rated as a 93 overall with an offense of 92 and defense of 86. To give you some perspective NCAA 13 has number 1 rated LSU as a 99 in the game. Alabama is 97 and in the Pac-12 Oregon and USC are both ranked the highest at 99 and Stanford is tied with UW at 93. Washington State is a 79 overall. You can see that youtube video here.

What do you think of the player rankings and team rankings for the Washington Huskies?