Chris Polk Signs With Eagles and Jermaine Kearse to Seahawks


Chris Polk signed with the Philadelphia Eagles after going undrafted in the NFL Draft. It was a shock to many that Polk was not drafted and you can read about that whole ordeal here.

However, the Eagles gave him a shot immediately after the draft ended. Matt Miller of @nfldraftscout was the first to report this. He will go in and compete with LeSean McCoy and Ronnie Brown for carries.

Jermaine Kearse, the other undrafted Husky, signed with the hometown Seattle Seahawks shortly after the draft. He was speculated to fall in the end of the draft or most likely go undrafted. He did go undrafted and the Seahawks were quick to scoop him up and get him signed.

He will provide them with a big receiver that can help spread the field and especially in the red-zone.

The Seahawks have been known to succeed with undrafted free agents, as last year their leading receiver was undrafted free agent, Doug Baldwin of Stanford. He fit the system perfectly and came in hungry to succeed.

If Kearse comes in with a similar attitude, he will also get a shot to play for the Seattle Seahawks right away. He isn’t the flashy play-making receiver that many Seahawk fans were hoping for but he will be able to provide solid depth with the potential of starting down the road.