Chris Polk Goes Undrafted: Leaves Many Curious to Why?


Chris Polk at one time was considered a second round draft pick with first round talent. As the draft began to approach, his stock slipped a bit but the experts were assuming that was more because of the position (runningback) than really anything to do with Polk.

Day one (round 1) went by, no surprise, Polk didn’t hear his name called. Day two (rounds 2-3) went by, a little bit of a shock as Polk was still not drafted. Then on day three, the final day of the draft, many just assumed he would be called. Round 4- no Polk, round 5- still no Polk. This is about when a report started to circulate that Polk had shoulder issues but was cleared by a doctor. Yet, this steered a few teams away, at this point he was still a HUGE steal.

Round 6- and a report of a degenerate hip comes out. Coach Steve Sarkisian says the report “is news to me”. The rumors were that Polk has had it for a few years and has played through it. These rumors were circulated with the idea that Polk would go undrafted but would sign a free agent contract.

He did go undrafted. Yet, many are still curious as to what really is the reason why. Is it his shoulders? Is it his hip? Or could there be some other reason?

A second round draft pick with first round talent slipped completely out of the draft. With no career health issues, no fumble problems, no character issues, something doesn’t add up. However, this is all there is to go on until something else comes out to say why it was that teams stayed clear of Polk.


Chris Polk has signed an undrafted free agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles per @nfldraftscout.