2012 Husky Basketball Recruiting Update


Let me start by saying this isn’t an article to salivate over. There isn’t a ton of new information nor is there any breaking news for you to read about. However, that being said, many have asked me to get out a quick update on the Husky Haul regarding 2012 basketball recruiting. Regardless of how big or little it was.

Here is a list of the known 2012 recruits. 

The major thing to note is that Lorenzo Romar has spent a good majority of his time lately on 2013 players. He also is still aggressively after Anthony Bennett. Without further ado, let’s get to the update.

Anthony Bennett- There is nothing new with AB right now. He still likes 5; Kentucky, Florida, Washington, Oregon, UNLV. There are rumors about who is his favorite but nothing has been substantiated. He does plan to take visits soon but I have heard no dates on those.

Victor Robbins- Is hearing from the majority of the Pac-12. However, the biggest issue will be getting a qualifying mark for his school of choice. He has been working on his grades and could be on a Pac-12 roster next season. One of those being UW.

Jordan Tebbutt- Recently he took an unofficial visit to Kansas. He loved his visit but he hasn’t narrowed down a list that includes a ton of schools but according LJWorld (Kansas site) he holds offers from – “USC, UCLA, Virginia, Oregon State, Portland, Virginia, Washington and Washington State.”

William Howard- His recruitment is under lock and key.

Sam Cassell Jr.- Seems to be dwindling off the UW radar now. He is visiting FSU soon. UCONN, Purdue, Maryland, etc. are all after him hard. That is just the start to his impressive list of schools.

Marcel White- Read the last update here. But fresh info is this- Washington really likes him but they are hoping he will do a prep year first thus making him a 2013 target.

Anthony January- Don’t count on January going to UW. He didn’t even list UW in a recent interview and his top three was UNLV, SDSU, and USC. Here is the interview with CLA.

Quentin Judd- I have no new information on him. Seems to be minimal interest from UW though.

Darrick Wood- is one of the most intriguing players on this list. He has plenty of talent and Washington is coming after him pretty consistently. My last major talk with him was featured in this article. However, I briefly spoke with him the other day and he was enjoying his spring break. He really likes Washington and plans to visit.

Mark Mclaughlin- A local JUCO product from Tacoma Community College. This looks like it may be a Gonzaga/Washington race (in that order). While West Virginia, BYU, Oregon State, and others are chasing him.

I hope this satisfies your recruiting taste buds for a little while longer. Look for April to be when most of the news comes out regarding the above recruits and more that we do not know about yet.