Arizona Wildcats were Pac-12's disappointing team..."/> Arizona Wildcats were Pac-12's disappointing team..."/>

You Decide: Pac-12’s Most Disappointing Team


I determined a few days ago that the Arizona Wildcats were Pac-12’s disappointing team. However, after much discussion and much debate, many believe it is the UCLA Bruins.

In fact, I had a discussion with Chris Fetters of on twitter, and he is convinced the Bruins need to be labeled as the Pac-12’s most disappointing team. Many of you agree with that sentiment.

Others say it is Washington. And others agree that it is Arizona. Therefore, let’s put it to vote. What do you think?

To clarify, this isn’t the worst team nor is it the team you hate the most. This is the team that did not live up to their billing. Failed in comparison to how they should have performed or in how they finished the season.