Alamo Bowl Game Thread – Second Half


My computer is freezing at all these updates and refreshes. I can not keep up. I’ll add a third thread

21:12- Keith Price is the greatest QB in Husky history. That says a lot!

21:05- Let’s just go for all the records tonight. Would like to see Polk break another or two and break Kaufman’s record while we are at it.

20:57- So, like with Polk’s fumble, Folk misses a field goal, Baylor runs all the way down the field and scores to make it 53-49. While this game may be making Keith Price a Husky legend, this game is doing nothing to help Nick Holt’s job security.

20:46- I see the Husky defense getting very exhausted. They seem to be losing a step and unable to keep up with Baylor’s running backs and recievers. This could result in a lot more points for Baylor before this is over. But, can the Huskies continue to score? 49-46

20:38- I am not sure I have ever quite seen a game like this before. Baylor scores on an 89-yard run, so the Huskies just turn around and drive 74 yards and immediately score again to make it 49-39. Keith Price is now #4 all-time  Husky QB’s in passing TD’s.

20:34- I do not understand how they got that 89 yard run. The defense is in pass formation with the secondary set way back. After the running back gets past the 3-man front, how is there not a linebacker or safety in position to stop him up the middle? 42-39

20:30- Things are happening too quickly for me to even keep up typing and have the site refresh. Baylor finally punts and Kasen Williams shows how special he is going to be with a 46 yard return to the Baylor 18 yard line. Then Polk carries on 1st down, gets face-masked, fumbles, and Baylor recovers the ball back. Man-o-man. 42-31 still…

20:24- Not an opportune moment to go 3-and-out to give Baylor momentum back. Those were not great play calls for Sark.

20:17- Back to the old defense to start the 2nd half. Glad the Huskies have a little bit of a lead and a hot offense right now. Baylor just walked down the field for the easy score.

20:13- I will say this without hyperbole or irony. I think we are watching the first season of the greatest QB to every play for the Huskies. That is saying a lot with 16 of the last 18 UW quarterbacks making it to the NFL. But, he is already 5th in all-time TD’s for the Huskies with one season. IF, and it might be a big IF, Keith Price stays two more years. There may be Heisman hype for him next year and the possibility of entering the NFL draft next year with another season like this.

20:09- Heisman who? Eludes the blitz and Price throws all the way down field to Kearse for another TD. 42-24!

20:07- Keith Price is already tied for 6th in total TD passes at 34 with Conkin, Tui, and Heinrich. And he’s only a sophomore. He could be the greatest Husky QB in history if he stays two more years.

20:00- Could be one of the best nights every in Husky sports history. Football team is winning 35-24 at halftime in the Alamo Bowl with Chris Polk just 97 yards away from all-time rushing record. Basketball team opens Pac-12 play with a 95-80 win over 10-2 Oregon State.