Huskies at Nevada Wolfpack Halftime Report


Washington 29        Nevada 27

Here are some observations from the first half…

1) Have you noticed for the past few seasons that every time the Huskies try to high pick with Aziz and the point guard beyond the arc, it results in the ball-handler being tied up on the switch without any outlets. More often than not, it forces the guard to back it out and start over. Although occassionally it results in a turnover. In a different situation, that guard could give-and-go with the big man and have that player drive to the hoop against a smaller defender. But, Aziz is not that kind of player. If you could do it with an athletic big man with a slashing drive, that play could work. Otherwise, get away from that Romar.

2) One thing that Aziz does give you is a force inside. Especially with the ability to block shots. But, they are making him work too hard. Gant had 3 goaltends because players got into the paint too easily.

3) Nevada has been doing a nice job of slowing the game down and not letting Washington get out into transition. Their gameplan has been working well so far. Nevada has the Huskies exactly where they hoped they would.

4) What is up with allowing these Nevada players to drive so easily into the paint. Layup after layup attempt have occurred as their guards just walk past outs. It seems like Wroten and Gaddy are being beat off the dribble and don’t have a lot of lateral speed. Those dunks by Olek Czyz were unacceptable.

5) Wroten really seems to be a turnover machine. Two offensive fouls? He needs to learn how to shoot and let them initiate contact, not the other way around.

6) Speaking of turnover machines…11 turnovers in the first 11 minutes? What happened to this guard dominated team being able to be careful with the ball?

7) I love what I am seeing out of Breunig. I like his size. I like his work ethic. He’s going to be a really good one here at UW once he develops an offensive game.

8) The team had just one game (Houston Baptist) in two weeks and yet they still have not developed a half-court game. They have to realize that every team they play will continue to implement the strategy teams have been working the last two season. They will slow it down, extend the defense, and force Washington into a half-court set. Without any actual half court offense, these teams will this strategy as long as it works.

9) This is a team with the talent to score lots of points. But, so far I have not seen it yet. When things get chaotic, they can get out into transition…watch out. That nice little sequence where Ross hit two three-pointers was vintage Huskies. Ross hits a 3, the Huskies get a steal and immediately back to Ross for another 3.

10) Gaddy seems a little unable to cope with pressure beyond the key. Maybe it was his injury, maybe that is just his game. But, he seems slow and not able to manuever out of the pressure. He also seems to look toward whoever he is passing to, allowing the defenders to get into position for the tip or at least to defend who gets it. Wroten also seems to have this tendency. There needs to be better movement by everyone to allow for more passing lanes and options for the guards. But, to his benefit, Gaddy is doing some things offensively, especially the two 3-point shots.

11) I liked Romar going to the zone late in the half, forcing Nevada to back it out a bit and not get the drives to the hoop. If they are beating your guards off the dribble and toward the hoop, the zone is a nice way to break up that situation.

12) If they continue to play like this, they may beat Nevada, but I suspect Marquette and Duke will be blowout losses. Hopefully Romar is able to make some halftime adjustments and they can get into a flow in the 2nd half.