How Seattle U. joining the WAC helps UW


In case you missed it, it appears that Seattle University will be invited to join the Western Athletic Conference. In many ways it is unfortunate that they are having to settle for the WAC when the WCC seems like a much better fit culturally, geographically, and academically. But, it appears that Cameron Dollar and SU officials have concluded that Mark Few and Gonzaga will never allow their Jesuit school brother into the WCC. Bob Condotta is reporting the invite could come Tuesday:

Seattle University could get invite to Western Athletic Conference by Tuesday

So, how does Seattle U joining the WAC help UW? Simple, it will improve Seattle U.’s strength of schedule and RPI and thus it will help UW since they play every year. I see no reason why UW will not continue this series with Seattle U over the long haul. It allows UW to play true road games (an RPI booster) every other year without having to actually travel. It also allows Seattle U to be able to add a non-conference game without traveling, which saves on travel expenses for the program.

Clearly, the WAC has suffered in status greatly with the defections of Nevada, Fresno State, Boise State, and Hawaii. But, the conference will survive with its recent additions and it will be definitely allow Seattle U to have a stronger schedule than being an independent would. The dimished WAC will still probably be rated above 10 or more other conferences in league RPI. Plus, just having the opportunity to play in the NCAA tournament should be a boost to recruiting and national perception. A better Seattle U team will be a boost to UW’s RPI, assuming they beat them!

It seems childish that Gonzaga would block Seattle U. from joining the WCC. But, in the end this will probably be a good move for Seattle U. and I’ll be rooting for them to have success in the WAC. So, go Redhawks!

Except when they play the Huskies…