Compare: UNC vs. UW


Tomorrow at 9:15am PT on CBS, Washington will take on North Carolina in the second round (considered the third by some) of the NCAA Tournament for a chance to advance to the sweet 16.

Profile of North Carolina

Profile of Washington

Here is a basic comparison of the two teams just in statistical categories:

NCAA Basketball Stats

As you can see the Huskies are statistically better in almost all the categories except for rebounds and fouls. It is crazy to see how close these two teams are statistically and that UW actually leads in many of the categories.

However, these teams haven’t met since the 70s back when George Karl was playing for UNC. The matchup of these two teams could make all the difference over just the stats on paper.

What it comes down to is; can UW handle the big forwards (Harrison Barnes and Tyler Zeller) in the paint, and also be able to score at a consistent and high level throughout the entire game?

Keys to Success for the Huskies:

  1. Limit Second-Chance points- As you can see above, UNC averages over 14 offensive rebounds a game. That could be around 28 points!
  2. Disrupt the post- Most of UNC’s points come from the paint. UW needs to find a way to disrupt their scoring flow from the key. Make them shoot from the perimeter and throw up ugly shots.
  3. Watch the fouls- UNC likes to be fouled, UW likes to foul- not a good combo.
  4. Create opportunities to score- UNC is not going to give them away.

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