Scouting the Washington Huskies 2025 recruiting class so far

California v Washington
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With four-star wide receiver Raiden Vines-Bright of IMG Academy announcing his commitment to play for Washington, he became the fourth player to commit to the Huskies in the class of 2025.

The addition of Vines-Bright to the Huskies' 2025 recruiting class has moved the program up to forty-seventh in the country based on the 247 Sports Team Rankings.

With the Huskies securing commitments from four talented players for the class of 2025, it seems an opportune time to provide scouting reports on the current class of 2025 Husky commits. This comes as we anticipate a surge in commitments, spurred by Head Coach Jedd Fisch's ambition to assemble "the greatest recruiting class in Washington history."

3-Star QB Dash Beierly (6'1" 215lbs)

As the only quarterback committed to the 2025 Huskies so far, Dash Beierly stands out as one of the nation's premier dual-threat quarterbacks. He possesses impressive arm strength that allows him to throw the ball with velocity to all corners of the field. Measuring 6'1" and 215 pounds, his build is reminiscent of a catcher as he has a thick lower body that makes him hard to tackle.

Beierly has an innate ability to time his hip rotation with his throwing motion which allows the ball to explode from his hand. Whether executing a straight drop back or rolling out to either side, he has a fluid throwing motion. His powerful lower body enables him to effortlessly execute off-platform throws.

Beierly, as a runner, presents a significant challenge, embodying the qualities of an inside-the-tackles running back rather than a quarterback. His resilience is apparent as he's willing to take a hit to complete a pass. Thanks to his exceptional throwing prowess and unwavering competitiveness, he's poised to climb the recruiting rankings, with the potential to secure a starting position in a Power 4 conference.

4-Star WR Raiden Vines-Bright (6'0" 190lbs)

The most recent addition to the Huskies 2025 recruiting class—Raiden Vines-Bright is a highly talented potential star receiver from IMG Academy. Vines-Bright's number one skill is speed and it shows on tape. He boasts an impressive track record, clocking in at 10.82 seconds in the 100 meters and 22.55 seconds in the 200 meters during his sophomore season. With his speed, he has played as an isolated X receiver and in the slot in high school but he projects for the Huskies as a vertical slot player much like Jalen McMillian was for the Huskies.

Vines-Bright is good off the line with his releases to beat press coverage to get immediate separation off the line of scrimmage. He can run a range of different routes and shows the ability to be sudden and drop his hips to get in and out of breaks. He can also make plays down the field at the catch point. He shows good initial burst and long speed to score long touchdowns, however, he does need to improve his agility to become a yards-after-catch monster for the Huskies. His speed suggests he'll make an instant impact for the Huskies, with the added potential to evolve into an NFL draft prospect.

3-Star OL Jake Flores (6'6 275lbs)

Jake Flores, currently the sole offensive line commit in the Huskies' 2025 recruiting class, stands out as one of California's top offensive linemen with the potential to become a starting guard or tackle. His remarkable speed and agility are set to make him excel as both a guard and tackle within gap or zone run schemes. Flores' mobility is particularly evident when pulling, as he can get his pad level lower than the linebackers at the second level, opening substantial holes for the running back.

While more of a mauler than a technician in pass protection, his aggressive attack-first mentality is effective as he wants to overpower any defender in his way. As Flores continues to develop physically, his ranking is expected to climb, and he may even secure playing time as a freshman for the Huskies.

3-Star RB Julian McMahan (6'2" 195lbs)

The first running back committed to play for the Huskies under new running back coach Scottie Graham—Julian McMahan is a great downhill between-the-tackles running back prospect. His success primarily stems from his north-south approach, making him well-suited to excel in gap scheme runs.

McMahan needs to develop vision and patience, essential for excelling in zone run plays, ultimately positioning himself to secure a full-time starting role for the Huskies. Due to a lack of long speed and extra gear in the open field, McMahan will likely not be a player who breaks off a ton of explosive runs in his career. He should be a great short-yardage back because of his size and linebacker mentality. He has already shown the ability to be a solid pass-catcher and his high school team is very comfortable using him as a receiver out of the backfield including on wheel routes down the field.

McMahan projects to be a heavy usage running back who racks up the touchdowns for the Huskies and he can become an every-down star for the Huskies if he can improve his long speed.