3 devastating plays that ruined Washington football's CFP title chances

There were three crucial plays that caused the Washington Huskies downfall in the National Championship.
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Washington football's remarkable season came to a devastating end after they fell to Michigan in the National Championship.

It was an unfortunate finish for what was the best offense in the nation all season long as they couldn't get much going on the field. An inefficient offense, as well as crucial false start penalties is what ultimately got them in the end.

3 devastating plays that ruined Washington’s CFP title chances

1. Overthrown pass

Washington's offense struggled to get anything going all night against Michigan. Then in the second quarter, they had a chance to put up their first touchdown. On a crucial fourth and long, Michigan's defensive backs got confused on what the coverage was supposed to be and left Rome Odunze wide open down the right side of the field. In what would have been an easy touchdown, Michael Penix Jr. overthrew the ball and Odunze just couldn't quite adjust his body to make the catch.

2. Bad interception

Coming out of halftime, the Huskies only trailed by a touchdown. Washington's offense had a chance to close to gap with a lot of time left on the clock. Huskies looked to the pass on the first play and Penix was rushed on his throw, resulting in an interception by Will Johnson along the sideline.

3. Dropped pass on a crucial third down

The first play of the second half didn't go well for the Huskies and neither did the first play of the fourth quarter. On third and four, Penix looked to dump the ball off to his running back Will Nixon in the flat but Nixon blatantly dropped the ball on what would have been an easy first down.

It just wasn't the Huskies night

Throughout the entire season, we witnessed Washington's offense overpower opposing defenses while the defense faced challenges in halting opponents. However, tonight was quite the opposite. Initially, the Huskies' defense faced difficulties containing the run game but managed a swift turnaround in the second quarter, restricting Michigan to numerous field goals. Despite multiple defensive stops, the offense failed to take advantage of the opportunities presented, which ultimately caused their downfall.