Brennan Carroll is Washington football's most important assistant coach hire

Brennan Carroll is the new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach for Washington.
UTEP v Arizona
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With confirmation today that Brennan Carroll has officially been hired as the new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach for the University of Washington, it marks a new era for the Husky offense but more importantly the offensive line and run game.

While it is widely known that head coach Jedd Fisch is the in-game play-caller on offense, Brennan Carroll is an invaluable member of the offensive staff as he is the one in charge of the offensive line and run game. Carroll is tasked with replacing one of the top offensive line coaches the Huskies have ever had in Scott Huff.

Over the seven years that Scott Huff was in charge of the offensive line, he oversaw the recruitment and development of numerous All-Pac 12 team linemen—some of whom became NFL draft picks. This past season was his best work as his offensive line was honored with Joe Moore Award for being the best offensive line in the nation. This is the standard that Brennan Carroll's offensive line has to be at thankfully he has the coaching chops to keep the standard.

Washington football hires Brennan Carroll as offensive coordinator and offensive line coach

Before Carroll was hired at the University of Arizona, he was overseeing one of the best run games and offensive line in the sport as he was the offensive line coach for the Seattle Seahawks. Carroll was coaching the Seahawk's offensive line from 2015 - 2020—a time in which the Seahawks were top five in rushing for three of his five seasons there.

Those offensive lines weren't loaded with top-five picks or players making fifteen-plus million a year it was usually built on late-round developmental picks and older veterans forcing Carroll to develop these players into a cohesive unit that could be one of the best in the league as the Seahawks were trying to win a Super Bowl over his tenure.

When Carroll got to Arizona, it was a program that needed major rebuilding as they were just coming off a winless season in 2020. In his first season in 2021, Carroll was able to make an immediate impact on the offensive line as he was able to turn their center (the anchor of an offensive line) Josh McCauley into an All-Pac 12 offensive lineman. In his second season, he was able to help turn around the offense into the twenty-second-best offense in the nation thanks to his ability to develop a run game and recruit offensive linemen.

This past season he helped steer Arizona to the sixth-best offense in the country (90.8) per PFF and the eighth-best run game in the nation (92.4) per PFF all marked improvements from the past season.

Throughout his career, Carroll has shown an ability to develop very good to elite offensive lines and the ability to produce an elite run game at both the NFL and College level. His abilities as an offensive line coach, with the ability to recruit better players to Washington than Arizona, should allow him to maintain the standard of offensive lines that Washington is used to producing. I also expect him to produce a more dynamic and impactful run game than we have seen at Washington over the past seven seasons as he always has produced a top-ranked run game whether it be the NFL or College Football.