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Thanks for coming to Montlake Madness,  the only free, fan-run site devoted 100% to University of Washington Husky basketball. Here are some answers to questions that no one is asking.


Griffin Bennett – Editor-in-Chief – Twitter – email: griffinwbennett@gmail.com

Craig Yamada – Senior Editor

John Chase – Editor

Maxwell Helman – Editor – Twitter

Josh Anderson – Publisher

Our History:

Montlake Madness was one of the first Husky Basketball-only fan sites and quickly grew a passionate community. As the Huskies continued to succeed on the court under head coach Lorenzo Romar, the passion for Husky hoops only grew stronger.

In the winter of 2009/10, the site’s founder, Josh Anderson, brought on much needed help as his family began to grow. Griffin and Craig grabbed the ball and ran with it.

Since then, we have added great contributors from current students to passionate alumni and we are always looking for new Montlake Madmen who want to contribute.

We pride ourselves on having a “fans mentality” and voice our opinions as Husky die-hards, not as an unbiased media members. We bleed purple and we don’t care who knows it. Bow Down.

Why start a Washington Husky basketball fan blog?

Like any big fan who wants more information, analysis, and chatter with other fans about his team, we’re trying to be the change we’d like to see in our small part of the world.

Previously, the best source of Husky hoops content for us more-than-casual fans out there: Percy Allen’s Husky Men’s Basketball Blog for The Seattle Times. During the season, we want more than any one blog can supply. And, while we’re sure Percy is a fan of the team, covering the team as a professional journalist is his job.

He and the rest of the team at The Seattle Times do an awesome job giving us the basics about the team and the news surrounding the Huskies in a straightforward way. We are the “anti-professionals”.

What are you planning to write about at Montlake Madness?

You’ll get posts about whatever’s happening in the world of Husky basketball from an average, run-of-the-mill fan. When we’re at Hec Ed for the game, you’ll get that perspective. If we catch a game at the pub, you’ll get our beer-fueled rantings afterward. So, that’s the perspective you’ll get here.

We’ll also going to do my best to fill in the gaps as far as what’s being talked about in the discussion. We’ll give you my perspective on the games, the players, the stats, the recruiting, and give you a chance to make your perspective heard in the comments section. Bring up an interesting point, and maybe we’ll feature it in a post. Let’s start a discussion between the fans.

Drop us a line.

Let us know what you think about the blog at: MontlakeMadness@gmail.com

And, hey, thanks for coming.