Washington football: Huskies bounce back to win against Arkansas State

Thank the football gods as the Washington Huskies have won their first game of the season. The Washington football program was desperate for a win and they came into this game with just the right attitude to get the dub.

The Huskies would end up winning 52-3 over the Arkansas State Red Wolves.

Washington football vs. Arkansas State notes

The Huskies have been offensively challenged during their first two games of the season. The play-calling wasn’t giving them the opportunity to succeed and the offensive line was getting run over.

They needed a turnaround in Week 3 and that’s exactly what the Huskies did. There were a few noticeable differences in the Huskies offense that can be credited to their success against Arkansas State.

For one, running back Sean McGrew made his first appearance on the season and he surely made an impact early on. McGrew had six carries for 31 yards (5.2 average) and two touchdowns.

Second, whoever was calling the plays on offense—because it sure didn’t look like John Donovan— did a great job at incorporating more shotgun formation into their scheme.

The offense felt like it was forcing quarterback Dylan Morris to play too much under center in their first two games and it wasn’t working. His offensive line wasn’t blocking well and he didn’t have any time to get an accurate pass off.

Against Arkansas State, Morris had 23 completions for 367 yards and three touchdowns, as well as two interceptions.

Despite his two turnovers, Morris had several beautiful throws down the sideline to wide receiver Jalen McMillan, who we finally got to see in full action.

Not all of Washington’s success was on the offense though. The defense came out with a great showing as well and held Arkansas State to 268 total yards and only three points.

The Husky defense came into this game with only one sack and zero turnovers and they left with an additional three sacks and four turnovers.

Washington football vs. Arkansas State final thoughts

It was exciting to finally see UW’s offense find its rhythm. I honestly wasn’t expecting this much a good game from the team. While it was enough to win against a Sun Belt team, the Huskies are going to have to elevate their game plan 1000% if they want a serious chance to take on Pac-12 talents in Oregon and UCLA.