5 Teams for Washington RB Lavon Coleman in NFL Draft

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 18: Lavon Coleman
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 18: Lavon Coleman /
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Washington Football has a long standing tradition of churning out solid NFL running backs. Lavon Coleman plans to continue that tradition, and these 5 NFL teams would stand the most to gain

The Washington Football team played very well in the 2017-2018 season. But the team came up short in defending the Pac-12 Conference Championship. That itself was not a surprise. Despite high hopes, the team ran into a buzzsaw of critical injuries, oftentimes to multiple players at the same position. Cornerbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends all fell.

The one thing that fell with little warning was the production of senior running back Lavon Coleman.  For a young man trying to close out on a high note to springboard into the NFL, the results certainly fell short of the expectations.

2017 production dropped

From a 2016 high of 852 yards and seven touchdowns, the 2017 results of 407 yards and four TDs seemed to be a regression. And in some ways, it may have been. But the drop in production was more complex than a simple “he didn’t run as well” matter.  The 2017 rushing game for the Washington Huskies dropped because the team did not run as often, and rushes were split among more running backs.

The total rushes for 2016 came in at 529 runs. Myles Gaskin carried 237 times and Coleman carried 114 times. The total rushes in 2017 dropped to 473 times. Myles Gaskins load came in at 222 rushes, while Coleman dropped to 89. The lion’s share of those rushes fell to speedster Salvon Ahmed. So fewer runs with more runners is part of the story.