5 reasons to celebrate LT Trey Adams return to Washington Football

TEMPE, AZ - NOVEMBER 14: Offensive lineman Trey Adams
TEMPE, AZ - NOVEMBER 14: Offensive lineman Trey Adams /
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Injury timetable?

That knee injury occurred in mid October 2017. Reports indicate that is was the ACL of the right knee. So what is that recovery time looking like? Well, the timetable for an ACL is a 9-11 months window, per Salene Parekh, MD of thefantasydoctors.com.  That same snippet reports that Adams had surgery to repair the damaged ligament. Without a more detailed report, there is little to go on from that information.

But we do know that Adams is 6-foot-8 and 327 pounds. Even healthy, that’s a good load for his knees. So from the moment of the ACL Surgery, the timeline looks like this:

Timeline of recovery

          Timeline              Calendar             Activities

  • 0-2 weeks          Mid Nov              Crutches, no weight, elevation, wound care|
  • 2-4 weeks          End Nov              Some weight, Knee brace fitted. Physical Therapy begins
  • 4-6 weeks          Mid Dec              Brace remains. Full range of motion exercises.
  • 6-8 weeks          End Dec              Full Physical Therapy regiment. Knee Brace, Controlled
    exercises to strengthen knee. limited impact (swimming rowing cycling)
  • 2-6 months        End April            Increased exercise on knee. Brace remains as injured site
    heals and strengthens.
  • 6-9 months        End July              Supportive brace remains. gradual increase to athletic
    activity and exercise. Still limits to hard start stops and twisting knee.
  • 9-11 months     End Sept             Only now, after the medically cleared to compete happens,
    can Trey Adams put on the pads and begin to train to play football once more. And even when he trains, he is shaking off a year of rust. So the Huskies may start the season
    opener against the Auburn Tigers without Adams at LT.

After it’s all said and done, the Huskies will have given next year starters significant playing time, and Adams will be back to help the team get back to the Pac-12 Championship Game.