5 NFL teams ripe for Washington Football Coleman Shelton

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FOXBOROUGH, MA – JANUARY 13: Marcus Mariota
FOXBOROUGH, MA – JANUARY 13: Marcus Mariota /

III- Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are a team known for solid offensive line play. And now that the team has committed the running game to Derrick Henry, they will be looking to upgrade their run blocking as well.  That give the Titans the double benefit of bolstering their rushing game, but also providing offensive line who can stay in front of dual-threat quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Coleman Shelton is such an offensive lineman. He was the anchor to the Huskies offensive line which blocked for running backs like Myles Gaskin and Lavon Coleman. His steady play afforded the Washington offense lots of “wiggle room” when it came to the playbook. By that I mean that the offense had virtually all plays at their disposal.

On the move

The aspect of Shelton’s game is his ability to neutralize a defender at the point of attack. When he is on the move, he is his most dangerous. And Mariotta puts their offensive linemen on the move out of necessity. Shelton will not rise on the depth charts rapidly in Tennessee, but he will shore up the line and show constant improvement all season long.

And then, there is that versatility factor.  A center who can play all positions on an offensive line is doubly valuable on any NFL roster simply from the fact that their understanding of blocking and protection schemes is top notch. And with a reserve center on the roster, there is insurance of the automatic center to quarterback will go off without a hitch in case of injury to the starter.