Washington Football quarterbacks: The more the Huskier

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 19: Nick Chubb
ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 19: Nick Chubb /

As the Washington Football team sorts through the comings and goings of key players and roster fills, the team may have an unexpected boost to the 2019 team. Former Georgia 5-star quarterback Jacob Eason is reportedly aiming his transfer to the University of Washington

Question: Is there ever too much of a good thing? Answer: Who cares? What a great problem to have! Well, the Washington Football team may see this firsthand as soon as the 2019 football season. The 2018 season appears to be the last and perhaps best season for senior quarterback Jake Browning.

And then there is the 2019 season. And for all intents and purposes, that is when things get a whole lot more interesting, complicated, and competitive. Former Georgia quarterback, 5-star Jacob Eason, will be eligible to play in 2019.  And that is the year both 4-star Jacob Sirmon and 4-star Colson Yankoff have circled to look for playing minutes as well.

Transfer to trio

The news was as surprising as it was pleasant. The Georgia Bulldogs had moved on from Eason after his injury. And so, Eason moved on from Georgia.

Well, we know how things turned out. Eason has officially transferred to the Washington Huskies. And as such, he is no eligible to compete beginning with the 2019-2020 football season. All of this may have sorted out with less… complications.. but for the fact that Jake Browning has opted to remain with the Washington Huskies for his final season.

Don’t ignore the lure of the NFL

While we admittedly missed projecting Browning as a junior entrant into the NFL Draft, the lure of that draft remains. Browning will enter the draft as a graduating senior in 2019. Meanwhile Jacob Sirmon and Colson Yankoff will have a season of competing for a backup role. In 2019, Jacob Eason enters the fray. So how will this all shake out?

Competition is its own leverage. As the players join the Washington Football team, each player will find their order on the team depth chart. We know that Eason is a former 5-star Georgia Bulldog. What we do not know is just how healthy and durable he is now after his injury.

Three on the roster is worth one in the draft

After Jake Browning aims at the NFL, the Washington Foobtall team will have a great deal of competition for the quarterback role.  And while there is the hope that whichever quarterback succeeds at winning the starting role will be around through his senior season, there is no guarantees.

USC quarterback Sam Darnold is off to the 2018 NFL Draft after two seasons with USC. And if one of the project Washington quarterbacks dominates Pac-12 play, that scenario could play out for the Huskies as well.  In the meantime, there is a complex, and wonderful, problem developing for the Huskies. Which quarterback will start in 2019?

Don’t forget the power of redshirting

From a distance, the first guess is that either Colson Yankoff or Jacob Sirmon will redshirt through the 2018 season. That provides solid backup for Browning in 2018. Then, when Browning leaves for the NFL, that quarterback and Eason will join the active roster to fight for playing time.

Or it could alternatively be open competition from the get-go. Three quarterbacks in take-no-prisoners race to impress and stand out. Somehow, knowing how meticulous and detail-oriented Coach Petersen is, I cannot see that scenario playing out.

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What I can see is significant talent under center for the Washington Football team for the next four seasons at a minimum.  Yes there  will be competition. And yes, the laws of NCAA will remain the same, only one quarterback will take the place under center. But in the sport laced with injuries, defections to the NFL, and heavy competition, the Washington Huskies quarterback situation is the strongest imaginable.