All-Pro S Budda Baker applauds Washington Football Coach Petersen

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 24: Safety Budda Baker
GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 24: Safety Budda Baker /
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NCAA football is about forging natural talents into NFL caliber football play. Former Washington Football safety All-Pro Budda Baker knows firsthand. And he’s applauding Coach Petersen

The Washington Football team has had it ups and downs over the years. But undoubtedly the team is on an upward trend.  Since head coach Petersen arrived in December 2013, the Washington Huskies have recorded 8-6 (2014), 7-6 (2015), 12-2 (2016), and 10-3 (2017) seasons.

Prior to this, he had built a stellar reputation at Boise State during a 13 year career which included eight seasons as the team’s head coach.  His team amassed five conference titles and a 92-12 record.  However you look at it, that’s impressive.  In fact, that was impressive enough to land a head coaching job in the Pac-12.

Recollection connection

Still, it’s all for naught if Coach Petersen cannot connect to his players.  Young men arrive to the Washington Football team bursting with desire, but unfamiliar with the path to greatness. But getting to the NFL is not guaranteed. And beyond that, succeeding at the NFL level is reserved for those who want it enough, and are willing to put in the work.  Those young men place their trust in their head coach. And Coach Petersen takes it to heart. He is not a snake oil salesman. To the contrary, he is a straight shooter. Some prospects cannot stomach a coach telling them its hard work. But it is. Some others cannot handle the challenge of competing for playing time. But they must.