Matisse Thybulle emerging as NBA worthy talent

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TUCSON, AZ – JANUARY 29: Matisse Thybulle

After a shocking upset of undefeated Kansas, the Washington Basketball team has turned some heads in the nation. One of the team’s heroes, Matisse Thybulle, should be popping up on scouts lists and an NBA worthy player

The National Basketball Association is more than a league of players scoring at will. Half of the game is defense, and to win big games in the NBA, teams have to defend very well. After a big win against second-ranked Kansas, the Washington Basketball team knows something about winning games on a big stage. And that means the team knows plenty about defense.

Wing Matisse Thybulle is earning his NBA defensive PhD under head coach Mike Hopkins.  As such, his name should be penciled in on the scouting list of virtually every NBA team.

On NBA radar screen

I’m not the first to notice.

And in my honest opinion, Matisse Thybulle is not the only NBA worthy prospect on the Washington Basketball team.

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