Washington Basketball Coach Hopkins recruits PF Nate Roberts

Mike Hopkins Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images
Mike Hopkins Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images /

While Washington Basketball fans await the play of Coach Hopkins team, they have to smile as the team recruits their fourth commitment, PF Nate Roberts. Roberts was a huge target for Syracuse

The Washington Basketball team has not lined up for even one tip off, and already the team feels like its winning. So far, Coach Mike Hopkins deserve an A+ for recruiting.  On one hand, he refilled the 2017 recruiting class.  On the other hand, he landed some very important pieces for 2018 as well.  The latest of which is power forward Nate Roberts from Bel Air Maryland.

Washington was one of the three schools as finalists. In Roberts selection of Washington, he passed on opportunities with both Nebraska and Syracuse.

Nate Roberts is a great player to add to the class of 2018. And it’s of particular note that he is and was a top target of Syracuse. While his decision redirects the Orange recruiting efforts, Roberts decision has just made Coach Hopkins job much easier.z

Big man post play

Listed by some as 6-foot-9, the latest information is that he has shot up to 6-foot-11.5 and weighs in at 220 pounds. For a growing young man entering college in 2018, that sets him up as a formidable asset for rim protection. Roberts is currently ranked as a three-star. But he is a tall left handed player who has grown so rapidly that his rankings simply do not reflect his taller size.

And he has impressive offensive skills as well.

Still, he was earmarked for Syracuse due to his perfect fit for their system. It just so happens that the Washington Huskies now employ the same scheme.  So you can bet is is a fit.

Roberts is the first true “BIG” recruited to the team. The team continues to pursue center Bryan Penn-Johnson.  If Hopkins succeeds, the Washington Basketball team immediately becomes a significant basketball team in the Pac-12.

Maryland is good to Washington

Roberts is not the only basketball player from the State of Maryland to venture northwest to the University of Washington Basketball team. Former UW guard Markelle Fultz hailed from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He had a very impressive season with the Huskies.

But Markelle Fultz stayed for one season. Power Forward (and some center play) Nate Roberts does not arrive as a one-and-done prospect. He is already blessed with plenty of basketball skills.

2018 appears to be a very good year

But the burst to nearly 7-foot height makes his commitment incredibly valuable.  With the 2-3, the Washington Huskies truly needed reinforcements in the skyscraper section. Roberts delivers literally a huge boost to the team.

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Coach Hopkins now has 6-foot-2 point guard Elijah Hardy, 6-foot-6 wing Jamal Bey, 6-foot-7 forward Ed Chang, and 6-foot-11.5 power forward/center Nate Roberts. This team needed size. So Coach Hopkins went out and got them taller. Well played Coach. Well played.

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