Washington Football key to victory: Jake Browning touchdown passing

SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 07: Quarterback Jake Browning
SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 07: Quarterback Jake Browning /
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While the nation oohs and ahhs over top rated quarterbacks, the Washington Football team plugs away with quarterback Jake Browning. Still, to win a championship, that TD tossing ability of Browning remains the key for the Huskies this season

Washington football quarterback Jake Browning is not a name you hear often on the national circuit. On one hand, he’s not as flashy as other Pac-12 gunslinging hurlers. On the other hand, he’s not in the right time zone to be picked up by regional news and flashed as a national Cinderella story.

No, he is just a throw-back-to-the-old-days-ball-control quarterback. A game manager who can get the ball to the right receiver.  A blue collar kid whose work ethic demands head-down, remain-focused, make-time-in-pocket, until he can throw a pass to the open man.

But to win a national championship, the Washington football team needs Jake Browning to remain that unsexy, disciplined, great-reads-and-judgement-in-the-pocket quarterback. After all, that’s how he delivers touchdowns. Only touchdowns.

Contrarian Opinion

And tonight, I expect him to deliver.  But I’m on a limb on this one.  Saturday Blitz Matthew Bartlett takes the opposing view in this writeup.  He terms it this way:

"“3. Jake Browning struggles There have been a lot of Pac-12 quarterbacks catching NFL Draft chatter this season but Jake Browning has not been one of them. He’s a junior, so he has another year to build some draft capital, and he’s going to need it. Browning is averaging 2.3 touchdowns per game. Those numbers are down from 3.1 touchdowns per contest a season ago.”"

And there it is. The narrative without substance, without evidence.

Au contraire’ mon frere’!