5 reasons why Washington Basketball guard David Crisp will thrive

TUCSON, AZ - JANUARY 14: David Crisp
TUCSON, AZ - JANUARY 14: David Crisp /
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LAS VEGAS, NV – MARCH 08: David Crisp
LAS VEGAS, NV – MARCH 08: David Crisp /

The toughest part of transitioning the “before” Washington Basketball team to the “after” is the uncertainty of players who will thrive in the Coach Hopkins scheme. David Crisp is one such player, and here are five reasons why

Washington Basketball star guard David Crisp may feel as though he has huge shoes to fill this season. You see, the departure of teammate Markelle Fultz to the NBA Philadelphia 76ers may seem to some that Crisp must fill that void.  So David, if you read this, ignore all of that.  You only have  your own shoes to fill this season.

And I believe you are on a journey to much better things.

Energy makes everything happen. But left on its own, it dissipates because it does not focus. It has so much more potential when harnessed correctly.  Last season felt a liitle bit like “raw energy”. There is a ton of talent on this team. But there were mental lapses at times, and less defense than I so desperately wanted.

I don’t see that happening this season, and it starts with David Crisp. But saying it is cheap and easy. Here are five solid reasons why David Crisp will thrive this season. Let’s look at the first reason: