5 reasons Washington Husky Markelle Fultz will thrive with Philadelphia 76ers

CAMDEN, NJ - SEPTEMBER 25: Ben Simmons
CAMDEN, NJ - SEPTEMBER 25: Ben Simmons /
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TUCSON, AZ – JANUARY 29: Markelle Fultz
TUCSON, AZ – JANUARY 29: Markelle Fultz /

2. His off-ball ability creates offense triangle

Whenever Markelle Fultz is on the basketball court, his gears are whirring in the direction of how to score. And scoring is how teams win games, after all.  But Fultz is somewhat unique in this field of NBA rookie talent, in that he has incredible talent with the ball as a point guard. But he can excel just as readily without the ball moving to his “spot” on the court and awaiting a feed from the point man.

That point man happens to be Ben Simmons, one of the most innovative ball distributors in the NBA.

So we can expect the team to invest heavily in the transition game.  In short, that’s Markelle Fultz’s wheelhouse.

Fultz can fly and pass and score

Yes, the ball will be brought up the court by Simmons. But imagine the transition game of a quick pass to Fultz and then a quick pass to Joel Embiid (or Robert Covington or J.J. Redick) .  In short, the Philadelphia 76ers can pivot offensive plays off Simmons at the key, Embiid in the post, or Fultz practically anywhere else on the basketball court.

Markelle Fultz may be just one player. But he is not the only star of the Philadelphia 76ers. And as he learns how to set up the other players on the team, his own opportunities to score will magnify.

Team fits his strengths too

On one hand, he will have tremendous help at the post from Joel Embiid.  On the other hand, he will be set up beautifully by Ben Simmons. Furthermore, he will have shooting help at the perimeter from J.J. Redick. And finally, he will get plenty of help on defense from Robert Covington.

And then the bench will come in. Markelle Fultz is just one key to a championship team.