5 reasons Washington Husky Markelle Fultz will thrive with Philadelphia 76ers

CAMDEN, NJ - SEPTEMBER 25: Ben Simmons
CAMDEN, NJ - SEPTEMBER 25: Ben Simmons /
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Markelle Fultz was a one and done with the Washington Huskies. He came, contributed, and cast his future into the NBA oceans. Here are five reasons why he will thrive as a Philadelphia 76er

Former Washington basketball star Markelle Fultz played a single season with the Washington Huskies. Then, as so many do, he aimed at the NBA. The initial belief was that, although coveted by Philadelphia as a perfect fit, Fultz was on a collision course to become the number one player selected in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Fortunately for both Fultz and Philadelphia, an 11th hour trade which sent the rights to draft first to the Philadelphia 76ers. The rest is history.

But an NBA team seldom trades up from three to one, unless there is a special value for the player. And such is the case with the special fit of Markelle Fultz to the needs of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Philadelphia fit forces focus to Fultz

Forward-focused-Philadelphia has gravitated towards big men with their top draft picks. From Nerlens Noel to Joel Embiid to Jahlil Okafor to Ben Simmons, the draft always seemed to produce the best value for the team with a big player.

Markelle Fultz comes in a 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds. He won’t be playing power forward for the 76ers anytime soon.  But will he be playing? You bet he will, right out of the gates.  But now for the moment of truth.  Five reasons why Markelle Fultz will thrive as a Philadelphia 76ers

1. Natural Talents on defense maximized
2. His off-ball ability creates offense triangle
3. He can drive the bus if needed
4. He puts small ball lineup into beastmode
5. He debuts with Ben Simmons

Now lets dive into each reason, shall we?