Washington Football team at 5 in USA, 6 in AP poll

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In the college football rankings, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But the Washington Football team discovers when they win, it doesn’t always translate

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But in the case of the national college football ranks, you can do both. Or at least that is how it seems to the likes of the Washington Football team.

You see, the Washington Huskies defeated the Oregon State Beavers convincingly by the score of 42-7.

Win convincingly after fourth-ranked USC  lost a thriller in Pullman, Washington to the Washington State Cougars.  So teams that win should move up in the rankings, right?


As we feared in assessing how Washington fans should assess that USC v. WSU game, the loss of USC has had an impact on the Pac-12 overall.  Or, as we worded it then:

"“(a) win by Washington State could have an adverse affect. Yes, WSU would rise significantly in the national rankings. But the Pac-12 bubble inflated by national rhetoric over USC will pop. If that happens, Washington may be caught in the whirlpool of the game’s aftermath, and may actually drop in rankings over the short term."

No drop but no gain in AP

No, the Washington Football team did not drop in the rankings. But in the AP poll, SEC’s Georgia Bulldogs leapfrogged over Washington claim the fifth spot vacated by tumbling USC. The Coaches Poll, meanwhile, did elevate Washington to fifth.  This is despite the fact that the Washington defense shut down Oregon State bulldozer Ryan Nall.

You can check out the game directly in the video below. This is the full game, so grab your popcorn and a cold one and enjoy the game!

Washington leads all Pac-12 schools in the national rankings, but Washington State (11), USC (14) and Utah (20) are ranked in the top 25 of the nation.   Of that group, only USC has recorded a loss this season.

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The Washington Football team certainly has the inside track for the Pac-12 championship.  But that is not to say that it’s a certainty.  We know that it’s never as easy as that.

But after a game like this, it feels like it should be.