Myles Gaskin can run, and can play possum too.

BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 23: Myles Gaskin
BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 23: Myles Gaskin /

For three weeks, Washington’s Myles Gaskin resembled more of a passing safety outlet than a featured running back. But he roared to life against Colorado for a career high 202 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

The Washington Football team has enjoyed September 2017 so far. Achieving a blemish-free 4-0 start to a season after winning the Pac-12 championship is not an easy accomplishment. But few gave thought to running back Myles Gaskin. After all, he has been a solid productive running back and the Washington offensive line remained virtually intact. Gaskin would run roughshod over all competition.

Still, things didn’t click like that. In game one against Rutgers, Gaskin had more yards receiving (79) than rushing (59). In game two, Gaskin barely made a cameo with just nine carries and 38 yards rushing. Week three? More of the same. Eight carries for just 56 yards.  And then Colorado loomed in week four.

A different Gaskin

The same Colorado Buffalo gashed by Gaskin for 159 yards in the Pac-12 championship game just nine months prior.  Fears abounded that this was not the same Myles Gaskin. Concerns ran wild that running back Myles Gaskin would not run for over 100 yards against the Colorado Buffalo.

He didn’t. He ran for over 200 yards. You see, he was playing possum.

In the first three games, Gaskin was tuning up.  He had a slow start to the season last year, and two of first three games in 2015 as well. But all that was tossed to the side when he lined up against Colorado.

Myles Gaskin entered  beastmode.

And the rest is history.

Saving Gaskin for late season?

Myles Gaskin is a tremendous running back, and this early absence may be just what the doctor ordered for a late season flourish. Forget the chatter about top teams from the offensive slant. Championships are won on the ground and by defenses.

On September 23rd, 2017, Myles Gaskin shouted to the Pac-12 and to the nation that he is a top tier running back.  Now that he has proven he is still a premier back, how will the Huskies use him for the rest of the season?

Well, the weather has not quite begun the descent into wintry cold. But it soon will, and that marks the change from passing dominant teams to run dominant teams. And that is when Myles Gaskin does his best damage.

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Pac-12 teams are on notice now. Washington is coming for another Pac-12 championship. And if you disagree, you only need to do two things.  Score on that defense, and stop Myles Gaskin.

Good luck!